Book Blitz: Connectivity by Aven Ellis

December 9, 2013 Tours 1 Comment

Book Blitz: Connectivity by Aven EllisConnectivity by Aven Ellis
Published by Independent on 16 October 2013
Pages: 259

I signed up for this book blitz as the tv programming and social media aspect sounded interesting. It’s Ellis’ debut novel but it seems to be trending well on Goodreads so if you want a decent billionaire falling for a career women, this might just be for you.

So tell us Aven…

What is your favourite thing about Connectivity?
My favourite thing about the book is that I made the hero, William Cumberland, an un-tortured, non-sex crazed billionaire. Different, right? LOL! I know that is not the norm for the genre, but he is the man I wanted to write. He has his issues, of course, but he a good man with an even better heart—once he opens it up to let someone in, like he does with Mary-Kate.

What is your favourite thing about writing?
I love bringing characters to life and giving them a journey to take. To me, seeing a character grow emotionally and come to a stronger place within by the end of the story is immensely rewarding to me.

What is your favourite kind of hero to write? The Bad Boy or the Good Boy?
Give me the good boy! I write heroines who know a good, solid man when they see one. My heroes aren’t tortured souls. They are good guys who have problems like we all do. My heroes simply grow and evolve once they meet their matches. And good boys can be crazy sexy, too. I’m just saying. William Cumberland is a badass mogul in the boardroom in Connectivity, but loving and respectful to Mary-Kate. And I dare say he’s a very sexy man.

Where did you find inspiration?

I am a candle slut.

Can I walk by a Yankee Candle Store without going in? Hmmm, I don’t think so since that has never happened. Do the girls at Bath & Body Works in my Dallas suburb recognize me when I go in “for a sniff?” Why yes. Yes they do. Hmmm. I wonder if there is a support group for candle addicts like myself. I might have to look into that…

But really, I should have seen this obsession coming. My favourite books as a child were scratch-and-sniff ones. Seriously. I would scratch them until there was no scent left in them. And I think my poor mother scoured the United States in search of new scratch-and-sniff books for her odd child who insisted a story was better with scent in it.

So it makes perfect sense (or is that scents? Ha ha, terrible, I know! ) that this child who loved scents in her books grew up to be a writer who uses use scents for scene inspiration when writing.

When I wrote Connectivity, there was always a candle in play. To me, a scent can transport me to a place, or even a mood. The first chapter of Connectivity opens on a frigid January morning in Chicago.

So to set the scent, so to speak, I used White Barn Home’s Winter candle to bring the snow and cold to my mind. (Okay, so I could have just cranked the air conditioning for a similar effect, but hey, that’s expensive. And scents are more fun.)

Of course, owning a collection of scents to write an entire manuscript can add up, so I limit myself to votives or mini candles. During the course of writing Connectivity and writing William and MK’s story, I used candles that smelled like fireplace logs, rain, rosemary, and pine. Ah, pine. Because William’s English skin always lingered like the scent of his pine cologne. (That candle was used a lot in Connectivity, hmmm, really I don’ know why…oh, because it reminded me of a hot British badass mogul. Yes, that’s why, LOL!)

So this, in essence, would be the scent of Connectivity. And instead of having a play list for reading, you can now do a scent list. Happy reading…and scenting!


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