Review: When Snow Falls by Brenda Novak

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Review: When Snow Falls by Brenda NovakWhen Snow Falls by Brenda Novak
Series: Whiskey Creek #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by MIRA on 23 October 2012
Pages: 400
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When Snow Falls gets its name from a recurring memory Cheyanne Christensen has. She’s always been the odd one out in her family with her sister Presley getting on much better with their mother Anita. Chey knows that her time to get answers from Anita is running out as her mother is dying from cancer. Her love life is also a mess as Joe, the guy she has had a crush on since she was fourteen, has finally shown interest in her. Chey can’t act on it as her best friend Eve wants him. Bad boy Dylan Amos offers to show her a good time and she decides she might as well take him up on the offer. Dating Joe is the sensible thing but she just can’t get Dylan out of her head.

Chey and Dylan are both survivors and the glue that keeps their respective families together. It would be far easier for Chey to abandon Anita who is verbally abusive and her drug addicted sister Presley than try to prop them up but Chey isn’t used to an easy life. Dylan too could have bailed rather than raising his four brothers after his mother OD’ed and his father went to jail. Chey’s decision to sleep with Dylan was very quick given she had held on to her virginity for so long and was lusting after Joe. It was odd for a romance novel like this to have no descriptions of love scenes, especially since there was some action in the last novel.

The first few chapters lead you to think the novel will be about Chey and Joe until Dylan emerges from nowhere and captures Chey’s heart. The change in direction was fairly abrupt and seemed as if Novak was originally writing one novel and then changed her mind. We see events from the point of view of Joe, Presley and Eve (Chey’s friend) in addition to Chey and Dylan. I thought this diluted the romance between them which was a shame. I wanted the two of them to explore who they were without getting side-tracked by Presley all the time. There are so many characters now that I had difficulty keeping them all straight. The introduction of Dylan’s brothers compounded the problem. I don’t know why the friends have such a thing against whoever the love interest is. They decided Simon wasn’t right for Gail (When Lightning Strikes) based on his reputation and made the same assumption about Dylan. Aren’t friends supposed to support you no matter what and help pick up the pieces if things do go wrong?

I enjoyed this novel but wished there had been a greater focus on Dylan and Chey. They were genuinely interesting characters who had made the most of their difficult upbringings.

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