Review: Werewolf in Seattle by Vicki Lewis Thompson

May 25, 2013 Reviews 0 Comments

Review: Werewolf in Seattle by Vicki Lewis ThompsonWerewolf in Seattle by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series: Wild About You #3
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Signet on 3 April 2012
Pages: 336
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The Wild About You series breaks with tradition and features a half-breed heroine and pack leader rather than a human heroine and a werewolf but it still has the same cute and humorous vibe. Colin McDowell is a Scottish werewolf who inherits not only a mansion but an island from his Aunt Geraldine. Thinking it is too difficult to manage from afar given his responsibilities as pack alpha, he is determined to sell the place. Well, determined at least until he meets his aunt’s charming sidekick, Luna (snicker).  The racial/species stereotyping rears its ugly head again which is getting to be a bit monotonous.

Much is made of Luna’s virginal status even though she is dispenses with this fairly quickly. As a half-breed, she dared not risk a relationship with either a human or a werewolf, even though we are assured a number of times that she really is hot.  She knows next to nothing about werewolf habits which is a handy device for our author to describe her world. Colin is more than generous in helping acquaint her with the werewolf world by having lots of sex with her. Hmm.

Colin however is your typical and traditional bigoted werewolf who was raised to be anti-human. The importance of keeping the bloodline pure blah, blah, blah is the kind of thing that leads to in-breeding and genetic disorders in the human world so I wouldn’t be surprised if it popped up in Colin’s pack. I should have been enjoying the steamy sex but instead found kept imagining an entire pack with haemophilia that couldn’t fight, hunt or do anything that might cause injuries that wouldn’t clot. I was pleasantly surprised that Luna refused to listen to such rubbish – I wasn’t sure she had such presence of mind – and end things. Colin now actually had to work to convince her that she needs him. He might look amazing in a kilt and have a Scottish accent but I felt like batting him over the head with a sign saying “just say no to inter-species discrimination”. Yes it does take time to change bigoted beliefs in real life but this is a fantasy world and we have already explored this issue in earlier books.

The plot hung together reasonably well even though it was pretty predictable but the strong point in this series is usually the romance. This is the third time that the initially strong women have had to reorganise their lives around the men and their needs without the men needing to make a similar sacrifice. I like to read about relationships where both sides are on equal footing. I was also disappointed that we had another set of brothers going through the same issues as Roark and Aiden. A little more variety would have been very welcome.

Werewolf in Seattle is still an enjoyable read with lots of humour and sex but the darker undertones are starting to grate a little.


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