Review: Werewolf in Las Vegas by Vicki Lewis Thompson

March 23, 2014 Reviews 2 Comments

Review: Werewolf in Las Vegas by Vicki Lewis ThompsonWerewolf in Las Vegas by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series: Wild About You #6
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Signet on 2014-03-04
Pages: 336
Reading Challenges: 2014 Ides of March
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Human Luke Dalton inherited a werewolf business in a poker match but he doesn’t have much time to enjoy his win as his sister Giselle runs off with his enemy Bryce Landry. He decides to team up with Bryce’s sister Giselle to find the wayward pair more quickly. Unfortunately the book is not as interesting as the premise. 

Giselle and Luke predictably begin to fall for each other while they are trying to find the pair. I liked that they were able to work as a team but I didn’t get much in the way of chemistry between them. There is rather a lot of sex including a scene with chocolate that I probably would have enjoyed more if I could have bought the build up.

There is very little werewolf action in the book as all focus is on the pranks Bryce and Cynthia play on Luke and Giselle. This is a bit of a shame since it is supposed to be a paranormal romance. I don’t know about you but if I was trying to convince my brother that I was mature enough to be a showgirl, having him run around the city trying to decipher riddles while I squirted him with water, wouldn’t be at the top of my list. Bryce’s plan to avoid being alpha by disappearing is equally dissatisfying as both these characters could have resolved their problems by talking things through.

I think this might have to be the last book in the series that I read as the series is getting so predictable. It is a very light and fluffy romance but I want a little more development in the werewolf world beyond human/were mating since we are on book 6.


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