Review: Wanted: Wild Thing by Jessica Sims

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Review: Wanted: Wild Thing by Jessica SimsWanted: Wild Thing by Jessica Sims
Series: Midnight Liaisons #4
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Pocket Books on 26 August 2014
Pages: 384
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The final instalment of this series was a little bitter-sweet as it was so much fun. Ryder is a 24 year old with a pretty big secret. Whenever she gets even slightly intimate with the opposite sex – think hand holding or kissing – her dragon side comes to the fore. A fortune-teller told her that if she finds her one true blah blah blah then she’ll be free from this curse but if  she fails, then she is doomed to be a dragon forever. This makes losing her virginity before her 25th birthday a wee bit problematic, especially since she is determined to keep her scaly side under wraps. 

Ryder is without a doubt, one of the perkiest characters I have come across in quite a while. Rather than being grating though, she’s quite endearing and we soon see that this effervescent personality masks an awful lot of loneliness. She’s got grit though as when some random fae guy shows up and tells her that not only is she going to be his new battery hen, she’ll have a bodyguard (Hugh) until she ‘blooms’ on her 25th birthday, Ryder could have completely self-destructed or treated her guard like dirt. Instead, she ends up feeding Hugh, helping him acclimatise and trying to make the best of a fairly awful situation. This attitude comes in handy when Hugh reveals just how high the stakes actually are.

Hugh reminded me quite a bit of Ramsey (book 2) in that he was so awkward. He is a primordial saber-tooth tiger shifter who has been living in a fae realm for a very long time so missed the end of the Ice Age, television, cars etc. He was highly attracted to Ryder but his pesky vow kept getting in the way and whatever decision he made would have far reaching consequences for other primordials.

Things are a bit slow to start with as Hugh gets used to human ways. The awkward situations he got into were both frequent and amusing. The tone changed soon enough though as Ryder’s birthday inched ever closer. I’d still class the romance as sweet rather than sultry as Hugh has to work hard to break down Ryder’s walls.

It is possible to read this one before reading the others in the series as Sims does a good job of orientating new readers but I’d still recommend reading them in order to appreciate how the series unfolded.

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