Review: Viper’s Run by Stephanie Tyler

August 2, 2014 Reviews 4 Comments

Review: Viper’s Run by Stephanie TylerViper's Run by Stephanie Tyler
Series: Skull Creek #1
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Signet on 1 July 2014
Pages: 230
One Star


When Calla answers her boss’s phone, she doesn’t expect to hear a dying man (Cage). Nor does she expect him to reject all sensible offers of assistance, make her recite a large sequence of numbers and swear to track down a man who ‘done her wrong’ years ago. Things go downhill rapidly from there.

The plot unfortunately is unbelievable and the characters roughly hewn and pretty unlikeable. It was a real struggle to finish the book because Tyler broke verisimilitude over and over again.  Calla falling so in love with Cage after a short phone conversation and then mourning him for months is just one example of this as is View Spoiler ». The novel was quite disjointed and at times it felt as if Tyler had a shopping list of elements she wanted to include and just ticked them off one by one.

As you can see, I had a fairly strong reaction to this novel but that’s probably because I’ve read and enjoyed books like Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man and Julie Ann Walker’s Black Knights series. If you do want to give this book a shot, I recommend making it a library read rather than coughing up money for it.


4 responses to “Review: Viper’s Run by Stephanie Tyler

  1. Oh, this sounds REALLY not enjoyable. You’re actually not the first person who has written a negative review for this one at all. I love the cover but I want a believable story with likable characters. 😛 Great honest review anyway! 😀

    • Thank you. I hate writing negative reviews but I couldn’t really find anything nice to say about it. Some of her other series are great. This one just felt…bleh.

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