Review: Viper Game by Christine Feehan

April 18, 2015 Reviews 0 Comments

Review: Viper Game by Christine FeehanViper Game by Christine Feehan
Series: GhostWalkers #11
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Jove on 27 January 2015
Pages: 448
One Star


I tried really hard to like this one as I have been a GhostWalker fan for years but I just couldn’t get past Wyatt’s behaviour. This one ought to have been a kick-ass book as Wyatt Fortenot had proven himself a cool secondary character in Night Game. This time round he claims the seductive Pepper and the three cute but deadly infants that she cares for.

The engaging, laid back Wyatt is gone and unfortunately has been replaced with a whiny, verbally abusive and jealous creep who somehow became a gifted surgeon in the space of a few years. Wyatt is a study of contrasts and this irritated me. He claimed he wants nothing more than the love of a good woman but when he has it, he belittles her. He claims that he is a family man but he spends very little time with the kids. He claims to feel sorry for what was done to Pepper but then blames her for acting according to her genes. There is a fine line between being a strong, sexy Alpha male and an abusive ass. Wyatt could have so easily been the former but he degenerates into the latter.

Pepper was one of the weakest women I’ve seen in the GhostWalker series and I can’t understand why Feehan would have done this. She was genetically made into a seductress that to attract men but the scientists failed to erase her personality which is far more retiring. Pepper has zero control over her ability to inspire lust in others and satisfy her own lust. Too long without sex and she is in agony. We are therefore treated to lots of scenes where Wyatt has to have sex with her to stop her from being in pain. As tropes go, it is a pretty convenient one for Wyatt but it didn’t work for me as it tipped the power balance firmly in Wyatt’s favour and he exploited this repeatedly. Other GhostWalker women would have called him on his behaviour but Pepper keeps going back to Wyatt and willingly caves under his abuse.

This book felt unbalanced as there were so many sex scenes randomly inserted. I’m afraid that I ended up flicking past some of them because they were not well integrated and didn’t advance the relationship, characterisation or plot. The genetic enhancements were taken to a whole new level and seemed to move us from the scientific world to the paranormal one. Enhanced existing capabilities is one thing but shifting through walls is a different matter. The introduction of physically enhanced soldiers rather than mentally or psychically enhanced ones was a nice touch but more could have been made of them.

I really enjoyed Wyatt’s grandmother Nonny but she wasn’t enough to negate the bitter taste left behind by Wyatt. Not my cup of tea! If you are wavering though, I suggest you read some more reviews or perhaps borrow this one out from the library so you can make your own judgement.


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