Review: Under Fire by Catherine Mann

April 14, 2014 Reviews 4 Comments

Review: Under Fire by Catherine MannUnder Fire by Catherine Mann
Series: Elite Force #3
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on 1 May 2012
Pages: 384
Reading Challenges: 2013 In Uniform Challenge
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Pararescueman Liam McCabe is used to saving the world, one person at a time even though it is hell on relationships. He thought he had a connection with Rachel Flores when they met in Hot Zone but it fizzled out. Six months later, he finds her and her dog Disco hiding in the back of his Jeep. She stumbled across a conspiracy and someone is determined to silence her.

Liam is less spritely than he used to be as his knees are starting to give out. You have to be insanely fit for his job and it is getting harder to keep up with the younger men. Liam doesn’t want to risk the lives of his men by not being at his peak so his thoughts are firmly on retirement. His biggest problem is that he is hyper aware of his relationship flaws but doesn’t do anything to rectify them.

Rachel was a highly successful search and rescue operator but got burnt out after working on an earthquake mission in the Bahamas. She started training therapy dogs instead and one of her clients is Brandon, a PTSD victim. He reveals a conspiracy he uncovered while working for the military and Rachel stepped in to help him report it. Officials aren’t inclined to believe them given Brandon’s medical history but the baddie sees the need to silence them both.

Liam and Rachel know they have a chance to be happy with each other but they have to deal with their baggage first. Rachel’s fiancé died some years ago but she finds it really hard to take a chance on another relationship. Liam isn’t much better. Thrice divorced, he is starting to doubt whether he will ever be able to make someone happy. For someone so tough, there is an air of vulnerability about him as he is so desperate not to screw things up with Rachel. 

There is a secondary romance between Brandon and a doggy day care owner Catriona which is quite sweet. Unfortunately it does slow the pace down in the middle section of the book. As with most romantic suspense novels, you have to suspend quite a bit of disbelief. The rescue scene at towards the end of the novel was downright outlandish and I thought I had strayed into a Schwarzenegger or Stallone movie script.

This book might not have the emotional punch of Hot Zone but it is lots of fun watching Liam and Rachel trying to stay one step ahead of the baddie.


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