Review: ‘Til Dragons Do Us Part by Lorenda Christensen

February 5, 2015 Reviews 4 Comments

Review: ‘Til Dragons Do Us Part by Lorenda Christensen'Til Dragons Do Us Part by Lorenda Christensen
Series: Never Deal with Dragons #3
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Carina Press on 27 October 2014
Pages: 179
Reading Challenges: 2015 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
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Savannah Cavenaugh is a rare creature indeed. Her ability to morph into a dragon helps with her day job, a thief that specialises in moving big objects. She jumps at the opportunity to steal a priceless artefact and cement her name as one of the best in the business even though it means going up against Lord Relobu, the dragon lord of North America.

You have to suspend quite a bit of disbelief to enjoy this one and I just made it. Ironically, I’m not talking about the dragon aspect but rather the motivations of our thieves. I’ve seen Ocean’s Twelve so I got the desire to steal big ticket items to prove that you are the best but Savannah’s motives quickly devolved into something far more schmaltzy. There were some genuinely amusing sections as Savannah tried to deal with the stereotypical wedding planner boss from hell and steal from an all-seeing dragon lord. These kept the plot bubbling along and stopped things from ever getting too serious.

The shorter length meant Christensen didn’t have the space to explore the notions of dragon-morphs more fully or give us an epic romance. Savannah and Cameron fell in love fairly quickly and seemingly without warning. Despite this, I couldn’t detect any great passion on the part of either of them. I think if I could have seen things from Cameron’s point of view it might have felt more believable. I wanted to know a bit more about his background and him as a person – you know, when he wasn’t busy looking mysterious and hot – but the opportunity never arose.

I haven’t enjoyed the last two books anywhere near as much as the first so I’ll probably step away from the series. I can wholeheartedly recommend the first one though for anyone looking for an intelligent but funny novel with a fresh take on dragons.


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