Review: Then Came You by Jill Shalvis

July 12, 2014 Reviews 4 Comments

Review: Then Came You by Jill ShalvisThen Came You by Jill Shalvis
Series: Animal Magnetism #5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Berkley on 1 July 2014
Pages: 304
One StarOne StarOne Star


Straight-laced veterinary intern Emily wasn’t supposed to end up in a vet clinic in Sunshine, Ohio. She had pencilled an LA practice into her (very detailed) life plan. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that one of her new bosses, Wyatt, is the guy she had a steamy one night stand with a few months ago. Oops.

Emily reminded me of Kate in Rumor Has It as she is one of those people that need to be needed. She still supports both her father and sister financially even though they are fully qualified in their chosen professions and tries to mother them. This attitude spilled over into her career choice as she wanted to make a genuine contribution like her father and grandfather. The LA clinic would allow her to be closer to her father so she has no intention of settling into Sunshine despite meeting Mr Perfect. We quickly find out that Emily’s anaemic life kryptonite is Wyatt as she has zero self control when he is around. She sends out mixed messages as she says she doesn’t want a relationship but everything from his nerdy shirts to the way he takes care of animals is a massive turn on.

Wyatt is literally surrounded by women and if they aren’t dropping off casseroles for him at work complete with suggestive messages, he is having an off day. At home though he has to deal with the scorn and derision of his sisters who are pretty similar in tone to the sisters in Lucky Harbor.  His biggest problem is that he isn’t willing to voice his own opinion as he is doesn’t want to make decisions for others. This cost him his fiancé and could also cost him Emily unless he is willing to change. Still not really sure what he actually saw in Emily given he had the entire single female population of Sunshine to pick from.

I enjoyed this book but I couldn’t help but feel that I had read elements of it before. Quite a few of the characters felt similar to previous favourites. The overwhelming lust got a little irritating as it took ages to develop into something more. The criminal activity side plot was unnecessary and could easily have been left out. This is definitely a comfort read book and the kind of thing to pick up when you want to lose yourself in something familiar.


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