Review: The Immortal Who Loved Me by Lynsay Sands

March 7, 2015 Reviews 1 Comment

Review: The Immortal Who Loved Me by Lynsay SandsThe Immortal Who Loved Me by Lynsay Sands
Series: Argeneau #21
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Avon on 24 February 2015
Pages: 384
One Star


Sherry Crane gets drawn into the Immortal world when the perky Stephanie, mini-matchmaker in the making, tried to escape the big bad Leonius. When Sherry and Basil are informed they are both life partners, they don’t query it or get to spend much time together without the Argeneau bunch interfering.

Basil isn’t the most dynamic of heroes. He and a female friend decided to have a kid together as a way of staving off boredom and giving themselves something to live for. They don’t stop at one however but decide to have 26!!!! As you can only have one child every 100 years (assuming there are no twins) then he has spent 2600 years with a woman that he can casually toss aside.

Sherry was definitely dealt a dodgy hand what with her father and the life mate she ended up with. She seemed like a decent person but she accepted the existence of Immortals and life mate stuff way too quickly.  Maybe if she had been paired with someone a little more dynamic, I could have enjoyed her more as a character but her constant capitulation, especially regarding her father was irritating.

Even if you put the main characters to one side, I still didn’t enjoy the novel. I’m sorry. I tried. I couldn’t get past the way Sherry’s father justified mind controlling and raping her mother. I didn’t care that he felt bad about it afterwards. I also didn’t care that he was drunk at the time. No means no. Rape is rape. There are no excuses.

I cannot recommend this book to anyone who has strong views on sexual assault as I suspect the trivialisation of rape will upset you. Sands has written some really funny, sweet and sexy novels but, for me, this wasn’t one of them.


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