Review: The Better to See You by Kate SeRine

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Review: The Better to See You by Kate SeRineThe Better to See You by Kate SeRine
Series: Transplanted Tales #2
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Kensington on 7 February 2013
Pages: 292
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The second novel in the Transplanted Tales series is just as good, if not better, than Red. This novel features another round of transplanted fairy-tale characters and is set in The Refuge, a place where Tales who have lost their way can start over. The Better to See You has less of an investigative mystery about it and more of a romance vibe. Both the hero and the heroine made quite an impact in Red and even though they had relatively little page presence.

Lavender Seelie, Cinderella’s fairy godmother is determined to turn her life around. She was the one who miscast the spell that sent magical beings to Here and Now and she has been well and truly vilified for it. She can’t even rely on her magic anymore. Life with the Charmings was less than ideal and she turned to the bottle to cope. One conversation with Tess Little in Red helped her realise that she could sober up and re-write her story. Our story opens with her having set the Charming mansion on fire and shrunk Prince Charming’s little charming. She needs to get out of Dodge and Tess suggests The Refuge. Seth Wolfe unexpectedly comes to her aid.  A few mutilated humans covered in archaic Tale symbols that only someone like Lavender can create, threaten to tear this would-be couple apart.

Seth aka the Big Bad Wolf escaped to The Refuge after he was the number one suspect in the last book.  He was cursed to live as a werewolf but people don’t see the man behind the snout. He has become jaded with society as he gets hauled in for questioning whenever anyone is hurt, killed or goes missing even if he didn’t do it. That isn’t to say he is completely innocent as he committed a stack of crimes in his distant past when he was in his wolf state. Both Seth and Lavender vacillate between castigating themselves for their former actions and wanting to move forward. There is lots of chemistry between the couple but they keep holding a little bit of themselves back. Their past experiences should have made it difficult to trust each other wholeheartedly so I would have liked it if the romance was delayed a little. The secondary characters are slightly more mistrusting and sinister this time round while Lavender’s brother Puck is downright irresponsible. I loved seeing Tess, Nate and even Trish (Little Miss Muffet) again.

Once again a serial killer is on the loose – seriously how many serial killers are we going to get in this series? I found the town’s remote location and inward looking residents far creepier though. The plot has lots of twists and turns and the denouement was particularly well handled.

I heartedly recommend this book and its predecessor. Read Red first though to get a better insight into the main characters and the world SeRine has created. I bought e-copies of both books but I’m seriously thinking of buying the paperbacks as well to add to my collection of absolute favourites.  Book number 3 Along Came a Spider should be released 1 August 2013. I hope there are more in the series.


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