Review: Texas Hold ‘Em by Christie Craig

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Review: Texas Hold ‘Em by Christie CraigTexas Hold 'Em by Christie Craig
Series: Hotter in Texas #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Forever on 28 January 2014
Pages: 480
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PI Austin Brook is convinced that Leah Reece knows something about her half-brother’s illegal activities. He is obsessed with taking Rafael DeLuna down and if that means he has to romance a relative, so be it.

Once again we have two romances in one book and I enjoyed both of them. The main romance between Austin and Leah was fairly light and provided much of the humour. Austin who is terrified of cats winds up having to deal with Leah’s four little ones. His extreme paranoia with all things feline actually threatens his investigation into DeLuna. Leah has difficulty trusting men as so many have treated her poorly. When things start to get a bit scary though, she realises that she can’t deal with everything by herself.

The secondary romance between single mother Sara and Roberto was really poignant. Roberto has his own reasons for taking DeLuna down and tries (but fails) to ignore his attraction for Sara. She, on the other hand, is not sure whether dating is in the best interests of her child. Watching them deal with each other’s baggage and support each other was lovely and often drew my attention completely from the main couple.

Austin is the last of the wrongly accused men to fall in love and the theme of justice came through really strongly. Up until this point Austin has been keen on taking revenge on the man who screwed up his career and was pretty blind to everything else. Leah forces him to evaluate whether that will ultimately bring him what he wants or whether there are more important things to focus on. Craig tied up an awful lot of loose ends that have been hanging for the last few books and it was great to see the other couples doing well.

This was a sweet novel injected with lots of humour. It isn’t essential to start with the first in the series but I think it would be a shame if you missed them.

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