Review: Tarnished and Torn by Juliet Blackwell

August 10, 2013 Reviews 2 Comments

Review: Tarnished and Torn by Juliet BlackwellTarnished and Torn by Juliet Blackwell
Series: A Witchcraft Mystery #5
Genres: Paranormal Mystery
Published by Signet on 2 July 2013
Pages: 336
Reading Challenges: 2013 Bachelorette Challenge
One StarOne StarOne Star


Trouble seems to follow vintage clothing shop owner and witch Lily Ivory. A fun day out at an antique jewellery fair quickly turns sinister when a fire breaks out and Griselda, the merchant Lily had patronised, is pressed to death. The method used to murder Griselda has Lily worried as it was often used in witch hunts. Her problems multiply when her estranged father becomes the number one suspect.

Lily is a talented witch who failed to complete her training. She’s powerful but still a rookie in certain areas. Lily’s love life is a bit of a disaster but she really lucked out in the friendship stakes. She’s slow to turn to others for help but over the last few novels has built up a group of friends that genuinely care about her. The suitors are less than impressive with Aidan and Sailor unfortunately only showing up once Lily has done an awful lot of the hard work. Aidan is still very mysterious and I wish Blackwell would give us more back-story. Oscar, Lily’s gobgoyle (half goblin, half gargoyle) is a delight as usual.

Lily’s main challenge is working out if Griselda died because she was a witch or if the murderer wanted a valuable item she possessed. The moral ambiguity of her father muddies the waters. I worked out who the baddies were very quickly but wondering how Lily would defeat them sustained my interest. I also enjoyed the secondary plot-line involving one of Lily’s employees and the inclusion of some mythology.

This series is great to curl up with and fans of Annette Blair should definitely check it out.


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