Review: Sworn to Protect by Jo Davis

August 11, 2013 Reviews 0 Comments

Review: Sworn to Protect by Jo DavisSworn to Protect by Jo Davis
Series: Sugarland Blue #1
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Signet on 7 May 2013
Pages: 320
Reading Challenges: 2013 Bachelorette Challenge
One StarOne Star


In Sworn to Protect Detective Shane Ford becomes the guardian of sixteen year old Drew, the son of his best friend Brad. This twist of fate comes with a huge set of responsibilities but also helps propel his relationship with Juvenile Detective Daisy Callahan forward as they care for Drew and investigate Brad’s death. I liked Shane’s tentative steps with Drew but the plot was a bit too implausible for me.

Shane is your typical male who doesn’t realise what he had until he lost it. He had a fling with Daisy but called things off when it began to get serious. There are a couple of times in the novel when either Shane or Daisy has been seriously injured and Daisy has sex with him because it would be mean not to. FYI, when your girlfriend has concussion and has just been released from hospital, it isn’t cool to expect her to tend to your sexual needs.

Daisy does a few silly things during this novel, some of which were odd for someone who had received police training. When it comes to her relationship with Shane though, she is quite driven. The moment she realises he has custody of Drew, she puts aside all of her qualms about hooking up with him again and rushes to the rescue. Insta-family. It sounds callous but Brad’s death was highly convenient for Shane as he hardly had to do anything to get her back. Without Drew, Daisy probably wouldn’t have given Shane another chance.

Writing stories where your protagonist becomes a guardian for a child or teenager must be difficult as there are you have to make different emotions such as guilt, anger, grief etc that would colour their relationship seem authentic. I really enjoyed watching Shane try to build a relationship with Drew – sure he made mistakes and Drew resented them, but he kept trying. The suspense aspect wasn’t as enjoyable as things ambled along until the end. I assume this was because Davis was trying to build the family relationships and romance first.

I’m afraid I have to chalk this one up to ‘it’s okay but not really my cup of tea’. I wanted a bit more depth in the romance and suspense departments.


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