Review: Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis

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Review: Simply Irresistible by Jill ShalvisSimply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis
Series: Lucky Harbor #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Forever on 25 September 2010
Pages: 311
One StarOne StarOne Star


Simply Irresistible is a great introduction to the Lucky Harbor series but I didn’t find it ‘irresistible’. Our heroine Maddie left the lights of L.A. for the little town of Lucky Harbour in Washington. She and her two half-sisters, Chloe and Tara, inherited a run-down inn from her mother. Maddie needs to lose her ‘Mouse’ moniker if she wants to convince her siblings to make a go of the inn business rather than selling up. The perfect and I do mean perfect, master builder Jax, sorely tests her ‘no men’ resolve.

Maddie has a number of admirable qualities but missed out when it came to assertiveness. She allows any number of people to steamroller her and passively takes it until she finds something that she is willing to fight for – her family. Her new found confidence largely comes from the sexy Jax Cullen. He doesn’t care that she is a clumsy, potato chip snarfing, insecure kinda girl; he just wants to spend time with her. While I could handle Maddie’s personality quirks, Jax’s were way over the top. His friend calls him Clark Kent which is highly apropos as he is not only a highly successful and rich former lawyer, he owns a number of businesses in town, is a master handyman, supports the community and he is the mayor. This is even more annoying if you throw in the fact that he is drop dead gorgeous and just wants to make love to Maddie, repeatedly. Come on! I don’t like it in romances when the female is a complete mess but the man has no flaws whatsoever. A little more balance would have been really welcome. The two fall into bed rather quickly which I think is odd since Maddie had been hit by her ex and sworn off men. He pushes her to deepen their relationship even when she initially tries to pull back. Once she gets over her qualms they are like a pair of rabbits.

The plot is fairly straightforward as the sisters renovate the inn and get to know both each other and the locals. Jax’s handyman skills are so fantastic that the inn is nearly refurbished in a few weeks rather than a year or two.  A few interesting plot lines were abandoned such as Jax’s issues with his father and his temper outburst. Lots of humour is inserted but some of it just misses the mark.

This is a sweet and at times humorous novel that is let down by an overly perfect hero. It is a fun, quick read.


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