Review: Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard

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Review: Show No Mercy by Cindy GerardShow No Mercy by Cindy Gerard
Series: Black Ops Inc. #1
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Pocket Star on 23 September 2008
Pages: 359
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star


Show No Mercy is a classic romantic suspense novel. You have an exotic location, alpha men, feisty women, bad guys galore, bombs, bullets and a conspiracy to boot. Although this is the first in a new series, the events leading up to this novel are covered in Into the Dark (Bodyguard #6). If you have the time it is worthwhile reading just to find out why our hero Gabriel Jones is so angst ridden. A few months prior to the start of this novel, he rescued journalist Jenna McMillan who was being held hostage. Sparks flew between the two although neither would acknowledge their growing feelings until Gabriel passionately kisses Jenna just as she is about to board a flight back to America. Now Jenna is back in Argentina, lured by a promise of an interview with a reclusive billionaire and back in the cross-hairs.

Gabriel works for a covert security group operating out of South America – they are not true mercenaries though as they work exclusively for the American government. By hiring them, the administration is able to resolve tricky situations without getting their hands dirty.  As a true alpha, Gabriel doesn’t let petty things like injuries slow him down. He and his fellow operatives shoot, stab and wisecrack their enemies to death. Our heroine is suitably plucky and stubborn. She does not allow Gabriel to push her around even though imminent death is likely. We see different facets of her personality throughout the novel and even when she is absolutely terrified or exhausted, she still is strong enough to keep moving. She was tortured badly and nearly died when held hostage but when faced with a scary situation finds herself more excited than terrified. This is clearly a woman that should not be left on the side-lines as she thrives in volatile situations. By saving Jenna, Gabriel is offered a chance at redemption, something he sorely needs. The death of his previous love haunts him and it is only by Jenna admitting she loves him and wearing down his barriers bit by bit that he begins to forgive himself. Of course the sexy times they share probably helps too.

The plot is suitably fast paced and the reader scarcely gets a chance to draw breath from the moment the car bomb goes off at the National Congress. I was very impressed that the big baddie had such a large arsenal and cannon fodder at his disposal.  Gabriel of course wants Jenna out of the firing line until he realises that she was the target. It would have been far simpler for big baddie to hire an assassin to kill her back in America rather than get her to Argentina but then we wouldn’t have had much of a story. Even though there would have been less gravitas, it would have been practical for Gabriel to have his mates help him rescue Jenna rather than toddling off alone when he was feverish and injured.

This is a great romantic suspense novel that you should definitely give a shot. Be warned though that if you want the whole story of this couple and origin of Gabriel’s ‘issues’, you need to read Into the Dark.


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