Review: Shadow Sight by E J Stevens

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Review: Shadow Sight by E J StevensShadow Sight by E. J. Stevens
Series: Ivy Granger #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Independent on 1 July 2012
Pages: 243
Reading Challenges: 2013 Bachelorette Challenge
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Ivy Granger has the gift of psychometry which means she is able to ‘read’ objects. Unfortunately she lacks the ability to switch off her ability and touching even the littlest of things can give her a horrific vision. The Kelpie King has been kidnapped and Ivy is hired to find his bridle. Things aren’t quite that simple though and Ivy soon finds herself embroiled in a massive fight against the each uisge.

I liked Ivy as she was able to make lemonade out of lemons and turn her ‘gift’ into a career. At times she comes off as quite naïve which sits oddly with her world weary persona. She has built up a small group of friends who don’t mind her condition and help her on her quest. She does however do a lot of negotiating with different supernatural creatures. Ivy info dumps a lot of information about random supes and although their quirks were interesting, it wasn’t necessary when that species only made a quick appearance.

There were some aspects of the plot that didn’t work for me but the main one was the romance that was tacked on at the end. I couldn’t see how someone who was so independent and dating-shy (given her condition) would quickly embrace a relationship with someone they had only just met. I also didn’t really get how the kelpies quickly become the good guys and the each uisge the baddies. Both species like to lure humans into the water so they can drown and eat them. The biggest difference was that the kelpies via the demon lawyer they hired were paying Ivy while the each uisge weren’t. I was disappointed Ivy wasn’t involved more in the fighting because of the first person perspective – we missed out on much of the action because she was on the side-lines.

I enjoyed this novel but felt the plot could have been polished a little more. Shadow Sight clearly sets the audience up for the sequel and I’m interested to see how Stevens handles things now she has laid the foundation so to speak.

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