Review: Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley

August 31, 2013 Reviews 0 Comments

Review: Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen AshleyRock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley
Series: Rock Chick #8
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Independent on 17 August 2013
Pages: 530
Reading Challenges: 2013 In Uniform Challenge
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This was a bitter-sweet read as Ashley draws her Rock Chick series to a close. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments along with some really touching ones. Ally Nightingale has been holding out on her Rock Chick pals for nearly a year. They’ve had to go through public courtship but she and Ren have managed to slip under the radar – she can’t fool the Hot Bunch though. 

Ally is the female equivalent of one of the Hot Bunch minus the tragic past. She was determined to become an investigator because it was in ‘her blood’ and she was prepared to walk away from just about everyone who cared for her in order to fulfil this dream. Darius trained her up and now she is taking down baddies in exchange for 25% off a flat screen tv and other stuff. She was interfering, domineering and uncompromising and I had no problems with it. Normally Ashley gives these qualities to her heroes not her heroines so it was refreshing to see her shake things up. Speaking of shaking things up, Ally goes undercover at Smithie’s strip joint to find out what has his ladies acting so weird.  Ally gets right into character and her stripping seems to improve her relationship with Ren.

Ren came across as more of a beta than most Ashley heroes. Sure he was happy to knock some skulls together and he looked tough, but he gave Ally a lot of space to work out what she really wanted from the relationship unlike the other guys. He goes through a few challenges in the novel as he tries to negotiate a new relationship with Uncle Vito and convince Ally that he is the man for her.

I had a few quibbles with the time jumps which I found disorientating and a bit frustrating – surely important things happened during the gaps. Ally and Ren have already been in a relationship for a while (even though she won’t admit it) which changes the dynamics considerably – we don’t have the first flush of romance with the woman fighting it but rather a solid, steady growth. We have recaps of scenes from previous novels which made an already long book longer and the writing is still a bit messy. There is a side plot where the crew decide to hunt down Kristen Ashley for publishing their stories which was hilarious and kept stealing my attention.

I enjoyed reading Rock Chick Revolution but maybe my tastes are changing as it didn’t have the same oomph that I got from Ashley’s earlier works. Fans however will find a lot to love as they slip into this familiar world one last time.


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