Review: Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

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Review: Own the Wind by Kristen AshleyOwn the Wind by Kristen Ashley
Series: Chaos #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Grand Central Publishing on 2 April 2013
Pages: 448
One StarOne Star


Own the Wind tells the story of Tabby, daughter of the Chaos motorcycle Club Leader Tack, and Chaos member “Shy”. At the end of Motorcycle Man (Tack’s story) we learn that the teenage Tabby has a crush on the womanising Shy.  Own the Wind tracks the very long road to HEA for these two. Shy’s tough love approach acts as a wakeup call for Tabby who stops her wild partying, enrols in nursing school and falls madly in love. Tragedy strikes and Shy is there to help put the pieces back together. A stack of miscommunication and interference from the motorcycle club threatens to keep the H/h apart but the two are able to show remarkable tenacity given their young age.

I really wanted to like this book as I am a huge fan of the Rock Chick series but it just didn’t work for me. The Rock Chick series is so successful, despite the run on sentences, stilted dialogue and over the top scenarios, because of the frenetic pace and sassiness of the characters. The characters meet, fall in love – even though the female often resists the attraction initially, tragic past incidents abound, misunderstandings threaten to separate the couple, a kidnapping of some sort ensues and the alpha males save the day. Yes it is formulaic, but it is incredibly entertaining. Own the Wind however is not. There is no real story and therefore it doesn’t build to a climax and we don’t have any convincing denouement. At the start of nearly every chapter we have a time jump and often a change in character point of view. This leads to very poor pacing and at times boredom. This device was not necessary as many of the scenes in between the initial one where Tabby was a teen and then when the characters decided act on their feelings were unnecessary and could have been dealt with in a flashback if needed. One whole scene was dedicated to Shy changing Tabby’s car tyre which is hardly the stuff of great romance. Many of the grammatical errors have been fixed – thank you editor – but certain phrases such as “do you get me?” are used to excess and made me grind my teeth.

The second major problem is the characterisation. Shy’s character is almost interchangeable with Tack’s. They hold very similar views, talk in the same manner and generally act in the same way. I get that ironically many women end up with men who are like their fathers but this is taking things a bit too far. Tabby undergoes a 180 degree turn from an interesting teenager with some issues into a ‘good girl’ with a fiancé and then changes back into a motorcycle chick. She starts to doubt the love she had for her fiancé and compares her relationship with him and her one with Shy. The change literally goes from “I can’t bear to live without him” to “well, I suppose he was okay but I probably couldn’t have been truly happy with him and Shy is much better in bed”. Why was there a need to have the latter one being superior? Isn’t it possible to have two great loves in your life? A popular character from Ashley’s Dream Men series makes a late entry but it is too late to rebuild the charm.

I seem to have been reading a different book from many who have given this one five stars. The story had potential but the execution was a let-down.


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