Review: Moonglow by Kristen Callihan

June 16, 2013 Reviews 3 Comments

Review: Moonglow by Kristen CallihanMoonglow by Kristen Callihan
Series: Darkest London #2
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Forever on 31 July 2012
Pages: 382
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I was worried that the sequel wouldn’t have the same gothic vibe and engrossing romance as Firelight. Silly me! Our heroine is Daisy who is free to enjoy herself now that her husband is dead…or so she thinks. Her path crosses Ian Ranulf, Marquis of Northrup after she sees a werewolf (lycan gone mad) kill a man in front of her. Ian is determined to stop the reckless behaviour that could bring unwelcome attention to the lycan pack that he once loved. As more people are murdered, Ian and Daisy realise that there is a pattern that puts Daisy squarely in harm’s way. If that wasn’t enough, this mad werewolf smells wrong to Ian’s keen nose.

Callihan’s characters all wear physical or metaphorical masks. Uncovering the people behind them is a delight. Daisy seemed fairly frivolous in the first novel so it was great to see more depth from her. She was able to survive six years with an abusive husband and still retain her sense of humour and playfulness (no mean feat). Her gift suits her personality and blossoms as she does. Ian has evolved from the rake that tried to seduce Miranda away from Archer in Firelight. His tragic past involving the loss of his family plagues him. If that wasn’t enough, he has tried to deny his inner lycan for so long that he is physically weakened and suffers from ennui.  The romance between the two sizzles as Daisy helps him regain his interest in living and he supports her while she overcomes her baggage. Their relationship is initially based on lust but gradually develops into more. Their relationship was based on mutual trust and it was refreshing to see that Callihan had no qualms about letting Daisy rescue Ian and vice versa.

I particularly enjoyed the rich world Callihan created. She has added yet more depth with a variety of new supernatural creatures. Her lavish descriptions, particularly of the gory bits, grab your attention and it is honestly hard to be blasé about her characters. If I had to criticise something it would be the ending which was wrapped up in a nice neat and tidy bow albeit a very cool, unexpected and creative one.

Moonglow is a worthy successor to Firelight and continues the gothic romance tradition.  Do yourself a favour though and start with Firelight so you don’t miss out on anything.


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