Review: Make Mine a Bad Boy by Katie Lane

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Review: Make Mine a Bad Boy by Katie LaneMake Mine a Bad Boy by Katie Lane
Series: Deep in the Heart of Texas #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Forever on 1 June 2011
Pages: 328
One StarOne StarOne Star


Hope is just plain out of luck. When she failed to make it big in Hollywood, she thought she could get hitched to her backup plan, Slate. Unfortunately her identical twin sister Faith has swept him off his feet and she’s all alone. Well, not quite all alone as Colt Lomax is determined to win Hope’s heart.

Hope was fairly obnoxious in Going Cowboy Crazy but that is mostly because no one ever told her ‘no’ and instead pandered to their golden girl. When we meet her in this novel however, cracks start to appear in that veneer. She feels the weight of the town on her shoulders and can’t bear the thought of letting anyone down. The only man that sees through the façade Colt, the man who teased her mercilessly when they were growing up and the one she had a one-night stand with. He’s a wanderer though; happiest when he is on his motorcycle so Hope fights the attraction. Lane withholds information about Colt after he left Bramble so we underestimate him and the juxtaposition between good girl and bad boy is heightened. Colt was a good match for Hope as he gave as good as he got, even though the townsfolk don’t like such a bad boy. The two spend literally half the novel sniping at each other before they give in to their feelings. The romance between the two isn’t sweet and more of a tug of war with each trying to gain the upper hand.

The plot is less convoluted than the last novel but the townsfolk are still clueless rednecks who meddle in matters that don’t concern them. The pacing seemed a little off as so much of the character development and big reveals were left to the end of the novel. Spreading things out would have helped keep the momentum going rather than leaving us with lots of bitter and bratty Hope (she does get better, I promise).

I did like this novel but I found it hard to warm to Hope. You really should start with the first in the series Going Cowboy Crazy as this one picks up right where it left off.

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