Review: Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn

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Review: Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie VaughnKitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn
Series: Kitty Norville #2
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Grand Central Publishing on 1 July 2006
Pages: 321
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Radio host and outed werewolf Kitty Norville is caught up in more drama when she is called to Washington for a Senate hearing into the danger posed by supernaturals. Given the location, it isn’t surprising that politics and shifting alliances play a large role in this book.  Many paranormal books either have the supernatural creatures hiding from humans or openly flaunting their status so have one looking at the wider issues was a pleasant change.

Gone is the meek, submissive little Kitty and instead we have an articulate woman able to speak with some authority at the McCarthyesque hearing.  Her talk-show has put her in contact with a wide range of supernatural creatures and that combined with being a non-aggressive werewolf, makes her eminently suitable to downplay the danger.  She makes a variety of new acquaintances including the vampire mistress Alette who run’s Washington, the Crescent Bar weres and the sexy were-jaguar Luis. Alette in particular commanded my attention. Two favourites return – Cormac and Ben the lawyer who helps Kitty negotiate the muddy waters of Capitol Hill.   I really enjoyed seeing Kitty coming into her own and realising she didn’t need to rely on the Pack and tolerate the toxic dynamics. Sure she is a bit inexperienced and still doubts herself but she is growing at an exponential rate and making real friends. The only disappointment was the Senator in charge of the hearings as he is a two dimensional die-hard Christian bigot. I think this was a missed opportunity given the ground breaking decisions that were being made.

The politicking in both the human world and the supernatural fascinated me as everyone jockeyed for their position. The mini-plot arcs begun in Kitty and the Midnight Hour with Flemming and Elijah are further explored. They allow Vaughn to reveal more intricacies of her world.  The main focus is of course the hearings so the vampire sub-plot felt tacked on. It did quicken the pace though which was a bit pedantic at times so I suppose it fulfilled its purpose.

This series must be read in order otherwise you will not appreciate the internal growth of Kitty or understand the mini-story arcs. Kitty Goes to Washington is a fascinating look at human and supernatural politics. You won’t find your traditional urban fantasy heroine here or fast action scenes but you will find an interesting woman trying to adjust to a rapidly changing world.

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