Review: Immortal Hope by Claire Ashgrove

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Review: Immortal Hope by Claire AshgroveImmortal Hope by Claire Ashgrove
Series: The Curse of the Templars #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Tor on 3 January 2012
Pages: 355
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I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of this novel as the cover looked pretty cheesy but the blurb was intriguing. I’m glad I picked it up though as I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The Knights Templar got caught checking out a scroll that no humans were ever supposed to see. They were cursed and have to wander around fighting Azazel’s demons. Every evil being they kill, pollutes a bit of their once pure souls until one day they turn into Dark Knights and become agents of doom. The only thing that can save them is the love of a good woman, a seraph to be precise. Every Templar has one seraph but finding them is tricky and if they should die before their Knight can find them, the Templar is basically screwed.

Our hero Merrick du Loire is the last of the original Templars and his soul is pretty black by this point. He goes to a safe house to rest only to discover Anne, a beautiful woman there. Most men would immediately think ‘awesome’ but Merrick is convinced that she is a demon in disguise and nearly kills her. Fortunately he doesn’t though as otherwise the story would have been over fairly quickly. He whisks Anne back to his lair the Templar digs to try to work out who her Templar is. Merrick knows that the Templars and the seraphs share a mark but he can’t persuade Anne to show him hers. Anne quickly realises that she has the same tattoo as him but rather than sensibly showing him, she decides to prolong the process and make Merrick introduce to all the Knights because she has a vision of his death. His soul is wavering while she checks out the other guys. She might have consulted the Archangel but where’s the fun in that. Apart from this TSTL moment which drags on way too long, Anne is an interesting character. She is researching the Knights and so the longer she spends with them, the more fodder she thinks she has for her thesis. She starts to drag these men into the modern age bit by bit and it is quite funny to read. Anne is able to ‘read’ objects and people and find out their past. This adds a nice dimension to the story. The romance between her and Merrick works well as they try to fight their attraction. The secondary characters are not well sketched but as this is a series, I expect we will get to know their tortured pasts.

Overall this was a really fun read. The concept was executed well with the plot bubbling along nicely as the stakes kept getting raised. The biggest issue was waiting for Anne to fess up and commit to Merrick while he tortured himself thinking he was falling for another Knight’s seraph. A fun read that would be great for Black Dagger Brotherhood fans. Bring on the next tortured Knight.

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