Review: His Christmas Pleasure by Cathy Maxwell

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Review: His Christmas Pleasure by Cathy MaxwellHis Christmas Pleasure by Cathy Maxwell
Series: Scandals & Seductions #4
Genres: Historical Romance
Published by Harper Collins on 30 November 2010
Pages: 384
Reading Challenges: 2013 Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon
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Abigail Montross met Andres, Barón de Vasconia under unfortunate circumstances. He heard her begging the man she loved to marry her and he heard her being rejected. When her father arranges to for her to marry a two times widower with thirteen children, Abigail decides to take fate into her own hands. Andres is in dire need of cash and a wealthy wife to go with the property he just scored up north is an attractive prospect.

Andres isn’t really a Baron but rather the illegitimate son of one and arguably the best horse trainer in Europe. His wit, charm and good looks are all that stands between him and ruin. Peasants stole all of his father’s horses in Spain and he has only a part share in a mare from his father’s stable to remind him of his former life. Andres has quite a way with the ladies and one of his former mistresses has become rather…clingy which upsets the lady’s husband. Andres agrees to accept a property unseen from the man in return for leaving London and never returning. He imagines that the property is really fine but reality doesn’t quite meet his expectations.

Abigail has been in love with a man that doesn’t return her affections for an awful long time. She finally realises that he is not worth her affections when he decides to marry her cousin even though she is available. The fiancé that her father found for her is so unsuitable that she decides to take Andres up on his offer of marriage. At least he was the first person to describe her as beautiful and see her as a person. Getting married and leaving her family was incredibly brave for someone who had been relatively cosseted up to that point but I liked her fieriness too.

The plot throws up the usual sort of complications but I was definitely rooting for this couple to succeed against the seemingly insurmountable odds. The pace was fairly quick as the couple escaped up north with Abigail’s father on their heels but settled down a bit as they set about restoring the property. I really could have done with a bit more of this aspect as I enjoyed the two of them working together to make the place their own. The ending didn’t have me swooning as it involved one character sacrificing everything for the other – up until this point they had acted as a team against the world and I didn’t think the change in dynamics was really necessary.

This was a fun albeit quick read. Definitely worth a shot.

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