Mini Review: Hidden Sins by Selena Montgomery

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Mini Review: Hidden Sins by Selena MontgomeryHidden Sins by Selena Montgomery
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Harper Collins on 13 October 2009
Pages: 384
Reading Challenges: 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
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Mini Review Alert! Lots of things good things come in small packages like truffles, chocolate, vanilla slices, cookies and baklava. While you can’t eat this review, hopefully you will enjoy it.

Mara Reed has the dubious honour of being the granddaughter of a man who hid a fortune in the 1930s. She is not alone in searching for the treasure as another descendent, is also trying to claim it. Mara runs into an old flame, Dr Ethan Stuart, who reluctantly agrees to help her providing she helps him with his dead bodies.

Mara’s background was fairly unpleasant with a fanatical preacher as a father who was convinced she was a sinner, through and through. She proves him right (to a degree) by getting involved in all manner of scrapes and fleeing from the law and those she’s screwed over. Her one big regret is the way she ended things with Ethan, the only one who treated her as if she actually mattered.

The pacing felt off parts as the suspense just fizzled out fairly quickly only to be reignited towards the end. Mara and Ethan’s romance was at a slow boil for much of the book as they tried to work through their collective baggage. The appearance of Ethan’s almost girlfriend Lesley makes it even harder.

Read it for…

The mystery side of things even though it isn’t the main focus of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Mara and Ethan systematically worked at decoding the puzzle and pitted their wits against the original thieves.


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