Review: Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane

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Review: Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie LaneGoing Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane
Series: Deep in the Heart of Texas #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Forever on 1 May 2011
Pages: 345
Reading Challenges: 2013 Bachelorette Challenge
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This novel reads a little like a soap opera with all sorts of crazy stuff happening. That isn’t a criticism as I really enjoyed watching Lane mess around with the tropes – you have to be in the mood for a quirky romance otherwise the humour will fall flat. As her mother lay dying, she confessed that Faith Aldridge actually had an identical twin sister (Hope). Faith rocks up in Bramble, Texas looking for her but gets mistaken for Hope instead. Nothing Faith can say will convince people she isn’t Hope and the kiss she gets from sexy cowboy Slate Calhoun has her wanting to be her sister. A well-meaning but meddlesome town is determined to fix Faith up with Slate once and for all. Hope though is on her way back to town and her arrival threatens to crush this newfound romance.

Faith starts out a timid little mouse but quickly gains sassiness. She finds life in Bramble difficult at first and she can’t escape because the town is conspiring against her. She’s obsessive compulsive when it comes to hygiene and has a seriously poor and unwarranted opinion of the town’s ‘rednecks’. Being Hope temporarily gave her the courage to break out of her ordered life and live a little. Slate is your typical nice guy. He’d let word get around that he has feelings for Hope just so the matchmakers will leave him alone but never expected it to backfire in the way that it did. He’s the town’s football coach and his interactions with his new star player brought showed another dimension to his character beyond the sexy guy with boots and a hat. I know it sounds mean but I liked the fact his team was losing as often a person’s true colours show through when they are in a tight situation. Slate shows himself to be a hard worker and caring which is to his credit.

While I enjoyed Faith and Slate as characters, Hope who acts as the third wheel was really annoying. She didn’t really want Slate because she loved him but rather because he was her backup plan if her dreams didn’t pan out. It was like watching a small child having a hissy fit because someone else was playing with a toy they had discarded.

I could handle and even enjoy the case of mistaken identity and the clumsy efforts of the town to bring Faith and Slate together but the complication that temporarily tears this couple apart stretched my incredulity to its limits. The romance is cute rather than scorching but that suits the characters.

It might be implausible and the stereotypes very broad but it is lots of fun.

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