Review: Free Agent by J.C. Nelson

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Review: Free Agent by J.C. NelsonFree Agent by J.C. Nelson
Series: Grimm Agency #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Ace on 29 July 2014
Pages: 304
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Marissa Locks works for Grimm, the fairy godfather. Yep, only he isn’t exactly like the fairy godmother that usually pops up in fairytales as he’s more like a powerful Godfather who forces Marissa to work off her parents’ magical debt. One of Marissa’s stock in trade jobs is getting a prince to lust after her and then breaking his heart so a princess can pick up the pieces and get her happily ever after. Twelfth time however is not the charm and something goes terribly wrong. Grimm isn’t happy, the princess isn’t happy and Marissa has a limited time to sort things out.

It took a little while to warm to Marissa as she was just so world-weary and cold. Making friends with Arianna, the princess, was the start of her rehabilitation for me as she had something else to focus on rather than her slave status and her work. I particularly liked her grit in the face of her severe injuries she suffered. I probably would have curled up into a foetal position and stared blankly at a wall for days but like all true urban fantasy heroines, she kept getting back up and trying to make a difference.

The secondary characters are a delight but my favourites would have to be Arianna (just call her Ari) for her perkiness in the face of disaster, Liam for enduring a baptism of fire and Grimm for maintaining his murky motives through most of the novel.  I also had a soft spot for Ari’s step-mother as every fairytale needs a malevolent villainess.

The plot is messy with different strands all tangled up but on reflection, I think that suited the novel. To get a princess her happily ever after requires intricate planning and one wrong move has a ripple effect. Marissa makes that mistake and spends the rest of the novel trying to deal with the fall out which is frequently violent, highly entertaining and often confusing.  Don’t worry, Nelson weaves all the threads together nicely at the end. I don’t want to give away many spoilers but there be apples, something scaly and a red hoodie within. I really liked the world that Nelson built up with formidable fae, magic mirrors and werewolves that can be bribed with bacon but as usual, I’m a little greedy and wanted to know more. Marissa’s family really intrigued me as did Ari’s and I hope that they get fleshed out more in the next novel.

You do have to invest a bit of time in this novel to really enjoy it as there is so much going on. Is it worth it though? Definitely.

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