Review: Flirting with Texas by Katie Lane

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Review: Flirting with Texas by Katie LaneFlirting with Texas by Katie Lane
Series: Deep in the Heart of Texas #5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Forever on 30 July 2013
Pages: 368
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Lane delivers another madcap Texan romance. As usual, this novel is lots of fun but it was a little disjointed to start with – lots of different threads heading off in different directions. Beauregard Cates has been charged by Miss Millie of the Hen House no less to find Jenna Jay who abandoned Bramble in favour of New York. Sparks fly when Beau and Jenna Jay meet despite him favouring busty ladies and her being in a relationship with a deadbeat musician. Things take a decidedly unusual turn when the well-meaning citizens of Bramble decide to bring Jenna home.

We’ve watched Beau go through a lot in the previous Deep in the Heart of Texas novels. He’s had to battle cancer put a huge strain on his relationships with others and led to the eventual breakdown of his marriage. When his last scan revealed a mass, he made the conscious decision not to find out if the cancer was back but rather try to make the most of his life. For the last few years he’s drifted wherever the mood has taken him. His latest passion is rodeo riding, as long as the competitions take place outside Texas and away from his family. He feels out of step with them and being around them reminds him of the happiness he may never regain. No matter how crazy the plot gets, Lane still treats this aspect of the novel sensitively.

Our heroine is Jenna Jay Scroggs, Texan transplant and saver of humanity. Jenna has a very strong moral compass and is constantly championing a cause. She can come across as controlling, simply because she thinks she knows best, but she does genuinely care about others. The woman has so much energy; I got a little tired just reading about her antics.

She sacrificed her home town and family for Davy but all he seemed to appreciate was the fact she supports him financially. I wonder if the original fascination with him was that he needed ‘fixing up’ and was content to let her try. Needless to say, her budding relationship with Beau is far more balanced as he challenges her and actively supports her in her endeavours. He needs some of her direction and passion for living, while she needs to let go a bit more. The two fight their attraction to one another but with Miss Millie in the mix, you know it is only a matter of time.

Miss Millie as usual steals every scene she’s in. She has quite a reputation for good-hearted meddling and when she’s not creating opportunities for Beau and Jenna to get together, she is fixing up Pastor Robbins and Marcy. I’m a bit on the fence with the side-plot as although it showed a less tolerant side of the town, it took away from the main romance.

The humour as usual shines through and although things were a little scatty at first, I enjoyed spending time back in Bramble.

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