Review: Devil May Ride by Wendy Roberts

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Review: Devil May Ride by Wendy RobertsDevil May Ride by Wendy Roberts
Series: A Ghost Dusters Mystery #2
Genres: Paranormal Mystery
Published by Signet on 2 December 2008
Pages: 288
One StarOne StarOne Star


Wendy Roberts has upped the ante her second novel in the Ghost Dusters Mystery series. Before we simply had to deal with finding the killer of a silent ghost but this time there is a cult, a biker gang, missing money and the big reveal on how she gained her gift.

There is a time jump between the previous novel and this one which I found a bit disconcerting– Sadie has become friends with the fortune teller Maeva who she had thought was a charlatan and her co-worker Zack has become emotionally distant after she had sex with him. Their new employee has is definitely attracted to him and this puts even further pressure on their non-relationship. I felt as if we had taken one step forward with Sadie and Zack at the end of the last book and then two giant steps back. Sadie remains heavily affected by the suicide of her brother but as the narrative unfolds, we learn what events that led to this fairly stable man taking the ultimate step.

Let’s talk about the ghosts this time round. Sadie finds the leftovers of a satanic cult ritual involving a baby and a goat. She rescues the baby but meets the ghost of the mother who happily offered her child up to the cause.  Sadie is unable to help this woman “find the light” and when she passes through her, feels like she has been “bathed in acid”. Fortunately the ghost’s eyes glow blood red so Sadie and the readers can tell that this is a baddie. She also manages to talk to a couple of deceased relatives which is quite cathartic – she doesn’t need to hide her gift as they are already dead.

The plot is a bit more substantial than the last novel, although Sadie still does stupid things. She shows up at a work site in the middle of nowhere by herself even though she knows she is being targeted by a biker gang. I wasn’t too surprised when the baddies were revealed but who they were was concealed a bit better than it was last time.

Devil May Ride is an improvement on the first novel Remains of the Dead and I enjoyed the darker tone. Unfortunately the relationship aspect still needs development. I am looking forward to seeing if the paranormal aspect is exploited next time round.

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