Review: Coveted by Shawntelle Madison

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Review: Coveted by Shawntelle MadisonCoveted by Shawntelle Madison
Series: Coveted #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Ballantine Books on 24 April 2012
Pages: 291
Reading Challenges: 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
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This court is now in session…

When Natalya Stravinsky was abandoned by her lover, she fell apart and was cast out of her pack. Now she spends her days organising things at an antique market and avoiding the attention of the Long Island werewolves who want to kill her. 

Case for the Prosecution

I struggled to work out the purpose of the book because much of it revolves around Natalya’s hoarding of Christmas items, her OCD nature and mooning over her ex boyfriend Thorn. The tension built up by the impending Long Island wolf attack is often wasted with long sections about Natalya’s shopping habits and therapy exercises.

Natalya is pretty unsympathetic to anyone’s needs other than her own and treats people such as the necromancer and fellow therapy people pretty badly. Thorn was pretty generic and I found it hard to get a grip on him as a character. Natalya told us repeatedly that he was good looking and enjoyed him stalking her and breaking into her room but beyond that…He was supposed to be getting engaged to someone else yet he kept stringing along the girl that had a breakdown because he left her.

I couldn’t work out why Natalya was a target for the Long Island wolves until the big reveal. I felt like Madison cheated a little because it was written in first person perspective and there was only one vague reference to it earlier in the book. Having the main character conceal significant information that had huge implications for not only her survival but that of the pack isn’t fair, especially since we are treated to so much detail about her collecting, former relationship etc.

Old magic is used as a deus ex machina but not really elaborated on or used consistently. Likewise, Natalya develops kickass fighting skills whenever convenient even though her family and former Alpha saw her as the weak link.

Case for the Defence

There aren’t that many authors who have the guts to give their lead character a crippling mental illness. Having Natalya go to therapy and make friends could be inspiring for some people.

The Verdict

The references to Natalya’s hoarding were overkill. I wish they were pared back and Natalya made a little more likeable. It is hard to believe that people are willing to die for you when you don’t really give them a second thought. I couldn’t buy the attraction between Natalya and Thorn because he was pretty much silenced.

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