Review: Cover Me by Catherine Mann

June 26, 2013 Reviews 0 Comments

Review: Cover Me by Catherine MannCover Me by Catherine Mann
Series: Elite Force #1
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on 1 July 2011
Pages: 246
Reading Challenges: 2013 Zodiac Challenge
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The premise of this book was pretty interesting. Wade “Brick” Rocha, pararescueman tries to rescue Sunny Foster who he thinks is stranded on a mountain. What he doesn’t realise is that Sunny is a survival guide and can cope just fine by herself. She lives in an off-the-grid community and the last thing she wants is an outsider getting too close.  After the blizzard clears they get shot at and make a grisly discovery.

Wade doesn’t trust Sunny because she keeps secrets from him. Sunny doesn’t trust Wade because she’s afraid he will expose her community. Despite this, they are both quite happy to have a physical relationship. The two have to learn to have a little faith in each other to survive and when they do, the relationship becomes more satisfying. Sunny was incredibly self-sufficient which started to irk me. Everyone has to have some flaw but she didn’t apart from wanting to avoid outsiders. Wade is your typical alpha male who tries to take control of every situation. I wanted more character development from these two but they stayed fairly static.

I know my attention should have been on Wade and Sunny but I was much more invested in Sunny’s sister Misty and her burgeoning relationship with her ex-boyfriend Flynn. Misty became deaf after a bout of meningitis which was not treated. Kudos must go to Mann for presenting that relationship in a realistic light.

I had a few problems with the plot that stopped me fully engaging with this novel. The idea of an off-the-grid community is great but the reasons for it were very left of centre. Also, I could see why one member of Sunny’s family wanted to go into hiding but not why all of them packed up and stayed hidden even when Misty got sick. I wanted to know more about this as it is something that defined the woman Sunny became. I also wanted to know what happened to her brother. He was the impetus for so much in the story and yet we are left hanging.

Cover Me is a solid beginning to the Elite Forces series as it has an alpha hero and sassy female, lots of sex and action. I suppose I’m greedy though as I wanted a bit more in terms of character development and plot.


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