Review: Catch Me a Cowboy by Katie Lane

August 17, 2013 Reviews 6 Comments

Review: Catch Me a Cowboy by Katie LaneCatch Me a Cowboy by Katie Lane
Series: Deep in the Heart of Texas #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Forever on 1 April 2012
Pages: 368
Reading Challenges: 2013 Bachelorette Challenge
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This is probably my favourite in this series because Shirlene is such a genuine and generous creature. Life seemed to be easy for her in the first two books as her wealthy husband indulged her every whim. At the end of the last novel, Make Mine a Bad Boy, he passed away though and the company he worked for went bust. Shirlene is kicked out of her beautiful mansion and with no other options, moves into a tacky trailer on the wrong side of the tracks. Her redneck neighbour Bubba Wilkes aka Billy Cates has a grudge against Bramble and intends to destroy it. Shirlene doesn’t figure into his plans but she is pretty hard to ignore.

Shirlene is in complete denial after her husband dies. Her behaviour gets more erratic and it isn’t until she loses her house that I really started to connect with her. Finally she shows grit and somehow manages to maintain a positive attitude despite everything that has happened. She clawed her way out of trailer life before her marriage and she’s determined to prove she can make something of herself again. Four orphans worm their way into her affection and her interactions with them were enjoyable to read. Not convinced? Three words – chainsaw wielding teen.

Billy may be a redneck but he is superstitious. He’s convinced that generations of bad luck in his family stem from the murder of his ancestor William Cates in Bramble. If he can find William’s bones, he’s hoping he can break the family curse. Billy’s hiding his real identity and connection with Dalton Oil. Annoying Shirlene is a side-perk but that’s okay because she’s just a gold-digger, right? It takes a while for his perceptions to change but when they do, prepare for Bubba lovin’.

Catch Me a Cowboy is rife with humour, especially when it comes to the stereotypical townsfolk who are well meaning but just plain crazy. It’s definitely sweeter than the last novel as we have kids involved and huge character growth. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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6 responses to “Review: Catch Me a Cowboy by Katie Lane

  1. I haven’t read this one yet, Vilia. But I loved Going Cowboy Crazy and Make Mine a Bad Boy…and I love Shirlene’s character. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have Catch Me a Cowboy sitting on my desk just waiting for me… 😉

  2. Oh wow, I haven’t read any of the books in this series, but I can safely say that this doesn’t sound like any contemporary romance novel I’ve read before. I think I need to find this one and give it a shot! Thanks for sharing your review!

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