Review: Blame it on Texas by Christie Craig

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Review: Blame it on Texas by Christie CraigBlame it on Texas by Christie Craig
Series: Hotter in Texas #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Forever on 28 August 2012
Pages: 309
Reading Challenges: 2013 In Uniform Challenge
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In the second Hotter in Texas novel we have Zoe Adams who thinks she might have been kidnapped as a child when she saw a tv show featuring a girl who looked an awful lot like she did when she was young. Our plucky primary school teacher moved to Texas temporarily to find out the truth. Tyler Lopez agrees to help her out even though she doesn’t have much cash and he has his own problems. Zoe has suffered from recurring scary dreams where she is stuffed in a cupboard. She has no problems with lifts or other confined spaces though suggesting that something traumatic happened in her past. Zoe thought she was raised by two loving parents but when she sees a photo of a girl who was kidnapped years ago, she thinks that the girl might be her. There are a few problems with this theory as the little girl’s body was identified by the family and Zoe has a birth certificate of all things. Clearly she needs the help of a professional and Tyler is willing to help out once he sees her round backside scrambling out from under a desk in his office.

Everyone who knows Tyler is afraid that he is still hurting from his ex’s betrayal. He was once a cop who was wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Unfortunately just about everyone turned on him and his two mates. Ever since he was exonerated, he made sure he only had short term, no strings relationships because he doesn’t want to be betrayed again. If that wasn’t enough, he is afraid that he will somehow turn into his old man who used to abuse his mother. He is protective of his family but I thought he was a little short sighted at times. For example, when he finds out that his sister is being slapped around by her partner, he breaks the guy’s nose. Matching violence with violence in this respect could only ever be a short term solution and I expected an ex-cop to know better. He also likes making lists…lots of lists about everything and anything. Suffice to say, he has a bit of baggage to deal with.

The novel is high on humour especially when it comes to a romance between the leads. I really enjoyed the secondary romance between the new receptionist Ellen and a bitter part time PI, Rick. Their romance was far more poignant and kept grabbing my attention. To be honest, there was a bit too much happening and the novel felt thin because there were so many sub-plots – Tyler’s sister having problems, Ellen and Rick’s romance, the team’s plan to take down a bad guy and Zoe’s dramas. Favourites from the last book do show up but it felt like they were just going through the moments.

This is an enjoyable book but it would have been even more enjoyable if the multiple plot lines had been reduced. Ellen and Rick’s story was really great and deserved a book of their own rather than being squeezed into a tale of another couple.

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