Review: Binding the Shadows by Jenn Bennett

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Review: Binding the Shadows by Jenn BennettBinding the Shadows by Jenn Bennett
Series: Arcadia Bell #3
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Pocket Books on 28 May 2013
Pages: 366
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I love this series because of the plots, characters, world building…I could honestly keep going on and on. I can even forgive (a little) Jenn Bennett for leaving us with one hell of a cliff-hanger if you can forgive my effusive praise.

The characters are superbly rendered and I keep changing my mind as to who is the favourite – usually whoever is on the page at the time. Our protagonist Cady should have achieved some sort of stability in her life, as her business is good and she has the love of her partner Lon and his teenage son Jupe. Instead, our novel opens with Cady and Lon trying to defeat an Earthbound with off the scale powers. Cady’s Moon Child powers are gaining in strength and are becoming unpredictable. This seeming contradiction carries over into her relationships with others.

Lon is a delight as usual and perfectly complements Cady. As an empath he needs to guard himself from emotions and he finds it difficult to come right out and say he loves Cady. Calling her his ‘favourite person’ has just the same emotional tug though.

Bennett’s greatest construction would have to be the teenager Jupe – a difficult task because teenagers tend to be all over the place. One minute they love you, the next they can’t stand to be around you. You get the sense that together this band of three could take on anything and they will need to if they want to survive the arrival of Yvonne, Jupe’s mother and the craziness surrounding Cady. Secondary characters rock so much that I would have liked some more time with Priya and Hato.

The plot is suitably engaging and revolves around a set of robberies and a new drug for Earthbounds. I don’t want to say too much or else I will spoil the enjoyment. Suffice to say, it holds your attention as the pacing is very fast. It also manages to deliver in the romance and emotions stakes. The one thing I could have done without is the cliff-hanger at the end simply because I now have to wait until the next book is released.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this book but if you are new to the series, start with the first so you don’t miss out on the uber-awesomeness that is Arcadia Bell’s world.

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