Review: Beauty Dates the Beast by Jessica Sims

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Review: Beauty Dates the Beast by Jessica SimsBeauty Dates the Beast by Jessica Sims
Series: Midnight Liaisons #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Pocket Books on 25 October 2011
Pages: 353
One StarOne StarOne Star


This is a very light paranormal romance with a large serving of humour. The concept of humans working in a supernatural dating agency was cool but there are a few plot holes you will have to swallow to enjoy it. I found myself far more caught up with the secondary characters than the protagonists though which was a shame as this was their chance to shine.

There are a few ‘what the hell’ moment in this book and unfortunately the first one appears almost immediately. Bathsheba’s sister Sara was bitten by a wolf some years ago and they went into hiding as Sara found the wolves attitude towards women reprehensible (the men have a habit of sharing around the women). Sounds reasonable except for the fact that they went into hiding at a supernatural dating agency where lots of supernatural folk (including werewolves) just happen to be looking for Mr or Mrs Right. If that wasn’t enough, Sara has difficulty controlling her changes and when supernatural creatures rock up, she gets a bit furry. Hiding in the back room and wearing lots of perfume doesn’t exactly seem like an effective way to stay under the radar when supernatural creatures with a very strong sense of smell are involved.

Let’s put the plot to one side for a minute and focus on the main characters. Bathsheba has sworn to protect her sister, even though Sara is capable of transforming into a beast with very sharp claws and pointy teeth. Bathsheba has no hand to hand combat skills, no ability to wield weapons or even protect herself but she is willing to take on some fairly scary creatures. At times she behaves like your TSTL heroine and rushes towards danger rather than heading warnings. She even dates a supernatural (off the books) and fairly meekly accepts being pimped out as a virginal human by the Midnight Liaison’s owner, all in the name of protecting her sister. I love it when characters display loyalty to others but this made me roll my eyes.

Beau isn’t much better. He’s a very handsome, charming, wealthy and witty were-cougar who desperately needs a date as a female were-cougar is going into heat and he needs a distraction. I never really got why he needed Bath as he was very handsome, charming, wealthy and witty but I guess it takes all sorts to make the world go round. He fairly quickly claims Bath as his by biting her neck which leaves a sort of ultraviolet mark on her – something that can only be seen by other supes. He ought to have asked her first and explained the significance of it. Without this, it is sort of like walking around completely clueless that you have your dress tucked into your underwear or toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Beau also had a tendency to kidnap Bath, mostly so he could have copious amounts of sex with her. I’m not up on the latest dating trends but getting your friend, Ramsey, to pass your would-be girlfriend a few pills to knock her out and then carry her off to a remote cabin doesn’t seem the least bit romantic. Ramsey the were-bear, who is quite a busy bloke by the way, then makes off with Sara in order to protect her.

Sara was a curious little creature and I would have liked to see more of her without the smothering attention of Bathsheba. Ramsey also caught my eye. Their interactions were the highlight of the book. The two feature in book 2 so I’ll definitely give that one a shot. The villain is pretty easy to identify even though Bath needed it spelt out for her.

Is it worth a read? Well, I think it is but with a few provisos. The plot lacked plausibility and the heroine needed a reality check. The humour however is great, the sex sexy and the secondary characters engaging. It isn’t exactly brain food but I did enjoy the escapism.

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