Review: Back to You by Robin Kaye

July 21, 2013 Reviews 0 Comments

Review: Back to You by Robin KayeBack to You by Robin Kaye
Series: Bad Boys of Red Hook #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Signet on 31 December 2012
Pages: 384
Reading Challenges: 2013 Bachelorette Challenge
One StarOne StarOne Star


Storm Decker is a bad boy – we know this from the series title. He fled Red Hook and broke Breanna Collins’ heart. He put his successful career as a shipbuilding architect in Auckland on hold to care for his ill father, Pete.  He hopes to rekindle his relationship with Breanna but she wants very little to do with him.

The chip on Bree’s shoulder is so great that one wonders how she manages to stand upright. She might be caring towards Pete and his granddaughter Nicki but she is cruel and/or dismissive towards Storm. When he puts his heart on the line and does everything he can to make up for his previous mistake, she delights in stomping on his feelings. Eventually Bree wakes up to the fact that Storm has grown up and instead of wanting to have a real relationship with him, decides to use him to scratch an itch. She then withholds really important information from him and can’t understand why he gets angry. I found her distinctly unlikeable and couldn’t see why Storm would go to such lengths to woo this woman. Storm on the other hand has really got his life together. Pete took him away from his abusive father and he needed time to work out what he wanted in life. He has become very successful but couldn’t shake the memory of Bree who he calls “Breezy”. I might not have been overly invested in Bree and Storm’s relationship but enjoyed his interactions with Nicki and his father. Nicki is a very perceptive little girl and figured things out way before Bree and Storm did. The friends bring a much needed lighter tone to the novel.

There is an unintentionally hilarious scene between Storm and his assistant Sandy. She seems to be channelling an overly ocker Aussie with phrases like “…you came back looking like a dingo with the mange and madder than a croc after a root canal” and “…looked like the Tasmanian Devil on a bender”. As an Australian I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who would use such smorgasbord of similes and if anyone did, they would be soundly ridiculed. To compound the issue, Storm and Sandy are actually in New Zealand not Australia so if Kaye was going for a Kiwi voice, she missed the mark even further. The ending didn’t really grab me but

I wasn’t a fan of Bree by a long shot but as I liked Storm and the secondary characters, things sort of balanced out. I do want to read more in the series, primarily to find out more about Nicki.


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