Review: Autumn Moon by Jan DeLima

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Review: Autumn Moon by Jan DeLimaAutumn Moon by Jan DeLima
Series: Celtic Wolves #3
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Ace on 29 September 2015
Pages: 304
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I’d been hanging out for Cormack and Elena’s romance ever since they appeared in Celtic Moon and this book was definitely worth the wait. Elena is targeted by Pendaran who wants to control her abilities activating Cormack’s protective streak. He has to master being a human before he can defeat Pendaran though and attempt to win Elena’s heart.

Elena’s skill in summoning power from the earth have continued to grow and Cormack is a prime example of that. He was a Bleidd, one who was born as a wolf and lacked the ability to shift into human form until she intervened. Both were rejected by the close-minded community – Elena for her abilities and Cormack for being stuck as a wolf.

The good bits

Elena was so very nice to everyone despite being isolated and rejected because the community feared what she might do. Growing plants and trying to heal people ought not to make you public enemy #1. She forgave pretty much everyone for their transgressions and even tried to protect them instead of raining down vengeance. The only one she couldn’t forgive was Cormack who she felt ignored her after his transformation.

Cormack fell in love with Elena easily as no one apart from her treated him as if he mattered. For 300 years he stood by her side and he spends a considerable amount of the book struggling to get out of the friend zone. Learning to be a human was frustrating for someone with so much pride as he had to master basics such as speech and walking before he could declare his love and fight on her behalf. His dogged (smirk) determination to be the man she needed was great.

The romance tended towards the sweet rather than sultry because Elena and Cormack knew each other so well. My heart melted just a little when the two finally got together as they had both been so much. DeLima has given us three very different types of romances in this series and I appreciated the variation rather than the rinse and repeat style that some paranormal romance authors prefer.

I’m glad that DeLima has dealt with the current overarching plot involving Pendaran and the Guardians as we had been building up to a climax for the last two books. Sin was enigmatic when he wasn’t suffering from an overdose of guilt so it was basically business as usual. I do hope we see get more of him and the person who chose to enter the fray to protect Elena in the future as their experience with the Guardians should help Team Good protect their lands and people.

The not so good bits

The big battle with the series’ baddie was over fairly quickly. He had been built up as such a powerful man that I expected that it would take more to deal with him. Having said that, I appreciated that Cormack and Elena had to work together to topple him as their relationship was a clear partnership with neither dominating the other.


Hell, yeah! About time.


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