Review: Alpha Instinct by Katie Reus

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Review: Alpha Instinct by Katie ReusAlpha Instinct by Katie Reus
Series: Moon Shifter #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Signet on 3 January 2013
Pages: 272
Reading Challenges: 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
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Ana Cordona is temporarily managing her pack since her father, the Alpha, and most of the pregnant females were killed suddenly. Ana’s pack is fairly vulnerable to the attentions of the sleazy Taggart and she agrees to pair up with the Alpha Connor who she grew up with. Connor isn’t content with just merging their packs though and wants to claim Ana as a bondsmate.

It was hard to get very involved in the romance because it happened so quickly. We find out that Connor and Ana have a history but they don’t get to spend really any time together before Connor demands that Ana be his. She is attracted to his good looks and the person he was when he was younger but knows next to nothing about him as an adult. The reverse holds true too with Connor being obsessed with Ana’s scent rather than interested in what she has achieved since he left her father’s pack. I really would have loved the pair to work together to take down their common enemies as I have seen in other werewolf novels.  To do that however, they would have needed to trust each other and Connor hoards his secrets from Ana and the rest of the females because he doesn’t want to worry her.

There are a few things with the world building that didn’t quite sit right with me and they mostly came down to the portrayal of the genders. The men and the women were completely separated from each other in different buildings and even in day to day activities. This even extended to looking after two cubs where the boy was left to fend for himself with the older men while the girl was taken into the house and spoiled rotten. This kind of segregation seemed completely at odds with what I have read of real wolf packs and fictitious ones.  The male and female spheres were clearly delineated with the women wanting to merely do the cooking and taking care of others while the lusty and highly skilled warriors (who were all men apart from one lone female) patrolled the borders of their territory. Funnily enough baddies managed to slip past their defences numerous times which made me question their abilities.

Reus has created four separate classes within pack society – Alphas, who have the ability to rule, alphas who are strong but not quite rulers, warriors who defend the pack and betas who make up the rest. It was an interesting classification system but when I really had to slow down my reading so I noticed which alphas were capitalised and which weren’t. Unfortunately, reading at such a pace also highlighted a large amount of repetition and some grammatical errors.

There are so many different plot lines crammed into this book that I got frustrated at times. Not only do we have the creepy, drug making Alpha next door Taggart who lusts after Ana, there are the anti-supe gang plotting against the pack, the increasingly hostile locals which are led by the police chief, the poisoner who killed off half the pack and is back at it and finally the romance between Ana and Connor. I probably would have engaged with the story much more if the constant bouncing around between plot lines had been eliminated.

I think the book had the potential to be really fantastic but the overwhelming sexism overshadowed the good points for me. If this isn’t something that normally bothers you then you will probably have a vastly different reaction to me. I am going to give the series another shot though as it could be just teething problems.


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