Review: Accidentally in Love with…a God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

October 10, 2013 Reviews 4 Comments

Review: Accidentally in Love with…a God? by Mimi Jean PamfiloffAccidentally in Love with...a God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Series: Accidentally Yours #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Independent on 17 February 2012
Pages: 340
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Invisible friends are so passe. Emma Keane has a guy called Guy who talks to her in her head. He’s been with her since she was little and makes her an offer she can’t refuse – head off to some random Mayan ruins and he’ll leave her alone. Emma is so sick of him interfering with her love life and looking crazy when she has out-loud conversations with him that she decides to head off to Mexico. She thinks her journey with him will soon be at an end but it’s only just beginning.

There were two distinct sides to Emma’s personality – fun Emma and stupid Emma. The first rocked and the second…didn’t. Let’s get the dodgy out of the way first. Emma unfortunately couldn’t work out her feelings for Guy so one minute she loved him and the next she didn’t. I don’t mind a bit of vacillating but I have a limit and Emma hit it. Emma also had a tendency to do really silly things like run through a jungle with no shoes and seemed to have rose coloured glasses on when it came to Tommaso. Thankfully fun Emma’s commentary when she wasn’t whinging was so enjoyable to read that it evened out.

Guy aka Votan was fairly arrogant and condescending but I would expect no less from the god of death and war. Being connected to Emma humanised him and I liked his lighter moments. He’d been trapped in a cenote since 1940 and his only connection to the world was through Emma so I understood why he was so protective of her even though initially the lack of a body proved a problem. Guy withheld important information and his love from Emma because he was afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle it. It was a fair call as Emma had to absorb an awful lot in a short time and Guy’s strength is such that he could have killed her if he wasn’t careful.

The secondary characters are quite diverse. The goddess Cimil who could see the future and was also seriously crazy. In between shopping for bargains, she seemed to be manipulating an awful lot of situations. The Maaskab were the big baddies and apparently they single-handedly brought down the Mayan civilisation. On the good side were the Uchben who served as a human army and financial managers for the gods and a retired priest who had an academic interest in Emma.

This book was riddled with humour and snarky one-liners. At times things got borderline ridiculous but I enjoyed the read. The world-building when it comes to the gods was good and there were some nice snippets of Mesoamerican culture but the rest is painted in fairly broad brush strokes. There were some typos in the version I read (the independently published one) such as “he won’t even answered a simple question” which were distracting because they kept popping up. There was a big a cliff-hanger at the end but the main complication was wrapped up neatly.

I enjoyed the novel and I’ll be keeping a close eye on Cimil to see what she gets up to in the next one.


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  1. I thought this was a fun little read, Vilia. I agree with you about Emma, though. I loved the humor and snark too. I picked up the second book, but haven’t read it yet. Great review! 🙂

    • He’s a god that has been communicating with her telepathically. Unfortunately Emma hasn’t learned how to talk back to him in her head so their out loud conversations have people thinking she is a bit odd.

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