Review: Accidentally Catty by Dakota Cassidy

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Review: Accidentally Catty by Dakota CassidyAccidentally Catty by Dakota Cassidy
Series: Accidentally Friends #5
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Berkley on 1 March 2011
Pages: 352
Reading Challenges: 2013 In Uniform Challenge
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Katie Woods is your average veterinarian until she gets scratched by an injured cougar named Sparky.  Katie locks the animal in a cage but is more than slightly disturbed when she goes to check on him and finds a naked man in his place. He can’t explain what the heck has happened to him as he has amnesia and that’s the least of her worries as her hands have somehow turned into paws. Luckily Out in the Open Paranormal Support (OOPS) is there to help. 

Katie escaped to the small town after she divorced her husband and is trying to set up a new business. Unfortunately the locals don’t like her much and one guy even has a restraining order out against her for interfering with his animals. She keeps coming up with excuses not to get involved with Sparky such as he is too young date a woman in her 40s and later that he must be gay – she bases the latter on the fact he can remember Project Runaway even though he can’t remember his name. She is terrified about changing species until the visible signs of ageing disappear from her body.

Sparky/Becks/Shaw is fairly charismatic given he woke up naked with no memory in a strange location. He might not know his name but he has a British accent, is fairly articulate, humorous and makes no attempt to hide his attraction to Katie. Apart from knowing when things feel ‘right’, Shaw is a fairly blank canvas and most of his time before he recovers his memory is spent doing activities that allow Katie to ogle him.

Cassidy puts a significant effort into snarky one liners which some times fall flat. I can handle Nina in small doses but her foul mouth comments were often over the top. She is so obnoxious that she dominated every scene she was in which unfortunately meant the romance between Katie and Sparky often took a back seat. The other members of OOPS are fairly ineffectual apart from a scene where they convince Katie and her assistants that they really are supernatural creatures. Their voices aren’t that distinct and I really needed to concentrate to keep track of who was talking when.

There is a secondary mystery revolving around Daniel Green, the owner of the exotic animal place down the road. He accused OOPS members of beating him but they flatly deny it. Given the fact that Shaw was found in cougar form on the guy’s property, OOPS and Katie hope that Green has some answers, especially as Shaw’s shifts are so painful they border on deadly.

I enjoyed some aspects of the novel such as when Katie discovered she could communicate with animals but I think I needed to be in a different mood to fully enjoy the style of humour that Cassidy employed. This book wasn’t bad but I preferred others in the series.

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