Review: About a Vampire by Lynsay Sands

December 20, 2015 Reviews 0 Comments

Review: About a Vampire by Lynsay SandsAbout a Vampire by Lynsay Sands
Series: Argeneau #22
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Avon on 29 September 2015
Pages: 384
One Star


I was going to leave this series after the last book as I haven’t been enjoying the direction that Sands was moving in but then I saw that the hero was Bricker. Cue about face. To be honest, I wish I hadn’t indulged as the book didn’t really meet my expectations.

Bricker meets his lifemate Holly in a crematorium while he is trying to dispose of some bodies. Holly sensibly decides not to stick around but unfortunately is mortally wounded while escaping. Bricker turns her and everything is hunky dory until he discovers that she is married and determined to be faithful.

Four reasons why it didn’t work for me:

  1. I still have no idea why Holly and Bricker actually ended up together apart from the nanos deciding that they were a perfect match and great dream sex. Surely there should have been more.
  2. The vampires are pretty immature. Rather than getting to know his lifemate, Bricker sends his mates in to find out what she liked and was more focussed on the great sex he was going to have than Holly as a person. It smacked of an awkward school-yard romance rather than an adult one, especially the scene where he had to ask for permission to kiss her. His friends thought it would be hilarious to sabotage the burgeoning relationship as payback for him teasing them while they tried to woo their women. If lifemates are so rare – doubting this one as we are up to 22 books in the series now – then their actions were pretty horrible and more befitting a bunch of teens who haven’t quite nailed social norms.
  3. The vampires deliberately set out to wreck a marriage. Whether the marriage was going to fail or not should have been entirely up to Holly and her husband as they were the ones who decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. The vampires isolated Holly, ostensibly for her own good, and pushed her into romantic situations with Bricker. No one bothered to tell Holly that the intimate dreams she was having with Bricker were shared ones. We are repeatedly told that it is hard to be married to someone when you can hear their thoughts. Okay, so if that is true then why not let Holly attempt to live her real life and simply wait for her to fail? If the marriage somehow defied the odds and survived, then Bricker just had to wait for the husband to die before swooping in. He is immortal after all. I would have been much more comfortable if they had given her the basic skills to survive rather than shoving Bricker in her face.
  4. The use of a dux et machina to resolve everything shouldn’t have been necessary.

It is hard to keep a long running series fresh so I applaud Sands for trying to find something different. Unfortunately what she came up with didn’t work for me. I can however recommend the earlier books in the series.


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