Review: A Witch Before Dying by Heather Blake

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Review: A Witch Before Dying by Heather BlakeA Witch Before Dying by Heather Blake
Series: A Wishcraft Mystery #2
Genres: Paranormal Mystery
Published by Signet on 7 August 2012
Pages: 298
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Darcy Merriweather, Wishcrafter extraordinaire, is embroiled in yet another mystery in Enchanted Village. I really enjoyed the first in the series but I think this one was better.  Darcy works for her Aunt Ve’s concierge service which acts as a front for their wishcrafting activities. This time Darcy has been hired by Elodie Keaton to clean out the home of her packrat mother, Patrice. Darcy discovers Patrice’s body in the middle of all the mess and Elodie promptly hires her to find out why Patrice went missing and how she died.

I was really impressed that having got the detecting bug, Darcy decides she needs private investigator licence. I get irritated when protagonists simply bumble around and get themselves into dangerous situations without thinking about the consequences. With a PI licence, Darcy is able to understand what she can and cannot do as an investigator and hopefully understand when she needs to call in the professionals. Of course if her client simply wishes that the perp is found, Darcy would be able to use her wishcrafter skills and we wouldn’t get to enjoy the mystery that unfolds. Darcy’s relationship with Nick continues to develop nicely despite the jealous co-worker. One character that seemed a little off was Nick’s daughter Mimi who acts much older than her years. It only stood out because the other characters were well drawn. We have another large cast that continues to grow.  I wonder if a chart of some sort at the front of the novel would help to keep the characters straight. Even though the familiars are back in fighting form, it is Pepe that steals every scene he is in.

Blake has upped the ante in this novel with Dary’s mission. I’m not talking about Aunt Ve’s wedding that Darcy promised to help with or even cleaning out the house. Patrice owned a wish granting amulet called the Anicula. The very nature of the amulet makes it highly prized and therefore dangerous in the wrong hands. If the killer or even Darcy’s personal stalker the “Peeper Creeper” were to get their hands on it, there could be serious consequences. Blake manages a lot of wayward threads throughout the novel and wraps them up into a satisfying bow at the end. The pacing is effective as is the humour.

I strongly recommend this series but please start with It Takes a Witch so you get to know the characters properly. Both are fun, light paranormal mysteries that should leave you with a smile on your face. Even better, there are sparkles on the paperback copies.


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