Review: A Shot of Sultry by Macy Beckett

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Review: A Shot of Sultry by Macy BeckettA Shot of Sultry by Macy Beckett
Series: Sultry Springs #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on 5 March 2013
Pages: 314
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Trey Lewis meets his match in Macy Beckett’s second novel in this series. He is still suffering physically from the fall off a roof in the first novel. While I wouldn’t want to wish anyone (real or imaginary) pain, it adds a little touch of realism that he is just a little bit bitter and having to knock back the aspirin to cope. He is drowning his sorrows in Luke and June’s tavern when a hot-as-hell redhead saunters in. Bobbi Gallagher, Luke’s half-sister, is a film maker who with one mistake lost all credibility in the field. She has been offered one last chance by a sleazy Garr Goldblatt to create a trashy show called Sex in the Sticks. Now all Bobbi needs is a “couple of sexy, single cowboys…looking for love in all the wrong places”. Naturally Trey catches her eye, along with police officer Colton. Trey is interested in her, she is interested in him but Luke invokes the bro-code and asks Trey to keep an eye on her (and his hands off).

This is a really fun series and the chemistry between the two leads sizzles. Both naturally have tragic pasts that have shaped them. Bobbi had to deal with an addict mother until she died and she went into foster care. She claims she is in town to get to know Luke better but she harbours quite a grudge against him once she sees the house he lives in and life he has had with Pru and June. Luke too is jealous of Bobbi because their mother chose Bobbi over him.  Bobbi has quite a bit of maturing to do in this novel before she can put these resentments to bed.

Trey hasn’t had an ideal upbringing either as his parents care more about appearance than supporting their son. When Trey got kicked out of the army for standing up for Luke, his father all but washes his hands of him. He seemingly perfect but very cold parents are getting a divorce and he is slap bang in the middle of it. I think it is great that Luke took a young juvie, Carlo, under his wing but would have preferred he didn’t teach the little guy such misogynistic attitudes.

The more that Bobbi tries to throw Trey at other women – for the good of the show – the more she and he realise that they have a connection.  Both try to hide it from Luke and pretend that it is just sex but obviously it runs much deeper.  Unfortunately Trey has a chance to turn his life around by heading to Dubai and if Bobbi is successful with the TV show, she will be heading off in a different direction.  They need to work out just how much they care.

One parting comment – I like the fact that in both Sultry with a Twist and A Shot of Sultry the female characters are not classically beautiful. June has a large backside and Bobbi has epic thighs. They are still well endowed elsewhere but it is a refreshing change from the svelte heroines you often read about.


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