Review: A Little Night Magic by Lucy March

January 10, 2014 Reviews 4 Comments

Review: A Little Night Magic by Lucy MarchA Little Night Magic by Lucy March
Series: Nodaway Falls #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by St Martin's Press on 31 January 2012
Pages: 304
Reading Challenges: 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
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A Little Night Magic is a very light paranormal romance about waitress Olivia Kiskey who discovers she has magical powers. Olivia has been living in the same house, in the same town and doing the same job for years. She has a huge crush on Tobias the short order cook but when she propositioned him, he turned her down. Olivia’s fairly boring life is turned upside down when the strange Davina Granville throws a smelly sock at her and unleashes her hidden magic. All is not well in Nodaway Falls though and Olivia decides to stick around for a while to protect those she cares for.Olivia is pretty obsessive as she focussed solely on her failed attempt at romance rather than trying to support her three friends who were going through some issues. The fact that she had been trying with Tobias unsuccessfully for three years suggests she has great tenacity but perhaps not much common sense. Even one of her friends revealing that she has slept with Tobias isn’t enough to make Olivia rethink her passion. I can’t quite see what Olivia or even her friend actually saw in him. Olivia’s intelligence takes a massive nose dive as the book progresses which is a shame as it made it much harder to empathise with her situation.

I liked the idea of how magical powers work but there simply wasn’t enough information about the magical organisations, potions etc. I felt that there was lots more needed to make the world building robust. Day Magicals like Olivia can only use their powers during the day while Night Magicals can do the opposite. Magicals also only have one particular skill and these range in usefulness. Olivia’s power to transform inanimate objects into animated ones leads to some humorous situations but isn’t the strongest so she has to use her smarts to even up the playing field.  I was less enamoured though of the reason the baddie targeted Olivia. If I was harvesting magic from Magicals, then I would want to take from strong ones so that I could enhance my own strength. While animating objects is cute, there are far more devastating powers out there.

Unfortunately the baddie is very easy to spot despite the attempts at red herrings and Olivia stupidly takes on someone stronger than her. There is one character that is able to track the baddie and another very strong character who has the ability to freeze time yet neither of them use these abilities to stop the baddie. Instead they adopt a very convoluted plan that involves endangering a large group of people. Hmm. 

I wasn’t really a big fan of this book as most of the characters acted like petulant teenagers rather than people in their late twenties/early thirties. The plot was very predictable and my attention wandered. On the plus side, there is a very cute ceramic mug bunny called Gibson.


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