Review: A Howl for a Highlander by Terry Spear

May 19, 2013 Reviews 0 Comments

Review: A Howl for a Highlander by Terry SpearA Howl for a Highlander by Terry Spear
Series: Heart of the Wolf #10
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on 1 February 2013
Pages: 416
One Star


I broke my rule about reading series in order with this book and really regret it. On paper the book looked awesome – a thief has stolen from a werewolf pack and a highlander warrior werewolf is out to get it back when he gets side-tracked by a sexy and un-mated female. I had a few issues with the characterisation and the plot which marred my enjoyment. I realise I’m in the minority here as Terry Spear has an enviable rating of 4.17 on Goodreads at the time of this review, but I’d like to throw in my 2p.

Duncan MacNeill, a highland warrior is sent by his Laird (who is also his brother) to retrieve a large amount of money that had been embezzled by Salisbury Silverman (try saying that three times fast). His skill with the claymore (a two handed sword) and the one handed variety is so great he is sent with no backup. We see his ability with the latter in an amusing scene with fake pirates. Duncan goes in alone even though the Pack faces financial ruin if he fails and Sal not only a werewolf himself but has the cash to hire a good security team.  Now despite Duncan being a warrior and keen to get the cash back he does absolutely nothing to take on Salisbury, apart from dropping a dead body in Sal’s pool. His great plan involves taking Shelley, who Sal admires, on cruises and feeling her up in the ocean. Why? To annoy Sal into giving in? If he had got his head in the game given his uber skills, he could have taken out the security team one by one and then intimidated the heck out of Sal until he got the goods. He even got past the security system at one point with a dead body, noticed there were no dogs around or guards but just left. Come on! Shelley also grated as she displayed little of the intelligence you would suspect a botanist professor would have. Her actions when they finally took on Sal were illogical and I felt the denouement could have been handled better.

I also didn’t buy the insta-love between Duncan and Shelley. Through a series of implausible events they end up sharing a very expensive villa and she just happens to skip into the ocean wearing very little. At this point Duncan switches on his lust mode and Shelley goes along with it. Apparently in this world the first time you have sex with another werewolf, you are mated for life. I thought it was pretty sad that when Duncan is trying to convince Shelley to have sex with him, the only reasons he could come up with for be mated was that they liked running and swimming together, and she liked watching him play with his sword. No mention of love whatsoever yet within a few pages, they are willing to risk their lives to protect each other. They do have lots of sex though and Shelley enjoys rubbing up against him in front of others.

This book wasn’t my cup of tea as I didn’t really like the characters, plot or style of writing. I prefer to be shown rather than told and when characters do things like having their eyes “flash with fire” I find it jarring. It seems to be a popular series however and one that has quite a few followers. I recommend borrowing it from the library if possible and seeing if it is for you before committing to buying.


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