Review Policy

Thank you for your interest. I am currently not accepting requests as I have a significant backlog of books to review. I will update this when circumstances change.

Backchatting Books is a one woman show and as I work full time and study part time, I have to put parameters around my blogging and limit the genres I accept. I will be honest about whether I liked a book or not and will try to pinpoint the aspects that did or did not work for me. This means that I do give one and two star reviews. Please take a moment to read some of my reviews to see if my style suits your needs.

My reviews will include

  • Book cover of the edition I reviewed
  • Book details (publisher, release date, page count)
  • Links to Amazon, Book Depository and Goodreads
  • Impressions of the book
  • A rating out of 5 (5 = I loved it, 4 = I really liked it, 3 = I liked it, 2 = it was okay and 1 = I didn’t like it)
  • Links to similar novels in the same genre
  • Links to other novels in the series and novels by the same author (if available) and related posts

Genres I will review

  • Urban fantasy
  • Romance (historical, contemporary, paranormal and suspense)
  • Mysteries (historical, cozy, detective and paranormal)
  • Steampunk

I will not review erotica, children’s or young adult fiction

Book formats

  • I prefer electronic copies of books via NetGalley (feel free to email NetGalley widgets)
  • I also accept eBooks in EPUB or PDF format (these will be deleted after I have reviewed the book)

Please do not send me a copy of your book unless I have agreed to read and review it

Review locations

  • Backchatting Books (blog and Facebook page)
  • Goodreads
  • Amazon

Review time-frame

  • Unfortunately I cannot give you a blanket, set in stone timeframe that applies to all reviews
  • The more notice you give me of the timeframe in which you would like a review to appear, the easier it is for me to accommodate you

Email me the following and I’ll get back to you if  I’m interested

  • Author’s name
  • Book title
  • Genre
  • Blurb
  • Release date & preferred review date
  • Link to the book on Goodreads

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