No more contemporary romances

June 28, 2013 Personal Posts 7 Comments

I can’t do it. I simply can’t. My teeth ache from the sweetness. Night after night insomnia plagues me as I stress over the characters. Will the perky but doey-eyed heroine will get her HEA? Can the gruff hero that hides his heart of gold and just wants to be loved overcome his tragic past?  Enough. I’m drawing the line in the sand right here and now. No more contemporary romances…


…for at least two or three days.


7 responses to “No more contemporary romances

  1. LOL I was about to say…until I read “…for at least two or three days.” 😀 I haven’t been reading any contemps for a month now so not sure how I’m doing on that field. But take that rest, I too will take that rest during July 4th week-end 🙂

    • When you posted your Anything But Sweet review I realised I hadn’t read any contemporaries for a while and went and gorged myself. There are some good looking ones out at the end of next month though by Cathy Phillips, Katie Lane, Marie Force and Brenda Novak. Have a great 4th July weekend.

  2. I am not a huge fan of romances in and of itself; I like romantic suspense, romantic fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian…as long as it is with another genre. But I think the trick is mixing it up. If you only read one genre day after day you get burn-out.(well, speaking only from my experience).

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