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Whazzup? Real life has been a bit crazy lately as my little man has just started teething (ugh) and rolling (yay). I had to abandon books apart from the odd read and fire up the sewing machine to make him a quilt that he could play/vomit/dribble on. He’s hit the four month sleep regression hard so please excuse any fatigue induced incoherence. 

He now has a pirate themed quilt which I have dubbed the Cursed Quilt of Captain Crankypants. Take that alliteration! This quilt was cursed and pretty much everything went wrong from the cutting, piecing, quilting and binding. I was tempted to set it on fire and watch it burn while laughing maniacally but it’s so hot that I think any flame would be doused by my profuse sweating glowing. I persevered after only half a dozen or so tantrums and it looks pretty good. The first shot is the front and the second is the back.

The instructions for the Sashed Half Hexagon Quilt are on the Missouri Quilt Company’s Youtube Channel. It is basically a series of hexagons laid out in a herringbone fashion, cut into blocks and then rotated. I can’t explain the quilt design in too much detail as it isn’t my intellectual property but I can explain how I created a half hexagon template, quilted the quilt and created the back. I’ll try to get that post up later this week.

Cursed Quilt Front 1 Cursed_back1

The lump under the quilt is my cat Portia. I will endeavour to take better photos later once she gets bored and moves elsewhere.


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  1. Nerdy1

    The quilt looks great! I’m sure your Dread Captain Crankypants will enjoy many hours of drooling on it! You are amazing ??

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