Wondering Wall: Scented Lips

June 24, 2013 Wondering Wall 0 Comments

Wondering Wall: Scented Lips

There was one kiss that left me giggling when I read My Sky Cowboy as the heroine had tangerine flavoured lips. I’m sure you’ve come across this trope before as well. It got me wondering why so many romantic heroes taste fruit when they are kissing the heroine.

  • When the men think they taste the perfumed lips of their beloved, do they actually taste their own lip balm? I can totally understand why an author might not like to share the fact that their Alpha male wears strawberry flavoured lip balm however if you are riding around all day on a motorbike, scowling and being bad-ass you’re probably going to get chapped lips at some point. Mango ripple isn’t that un-manly, is it?
  • If the scent doesn’t come from lip balm or lipstick then the only other way I can see the lips being perfumed is if the woman has recently eaten something and there is residue.  I’m assuming the heroine would need to carry around a basket of fruit, sloppily eat one and then pucker up. Should we really be sending the message that poor hygiene is acceptable? Do men find that alluring? Is it still sexy if the situation was reversed and women found tasty morsels left in their beloved’s beard?
  • Why do men mostly taste citrus fruits or berries? Is there some sort of olfactory gene defect that only affects them meaning they incorrectly identify other food groups? Could we use this to spark a green food revolution?
  • How do our historic heroines acquire often rare fruit to smear across their lips? Peaches for example were in England by the 17th century but were fairly rare and expensive until the Victorian era. Was there an entire cottage industry based on supplying heroines with their fruit on the off chance they met their one true love until the introduction of the Industrial Era? Was child labour involved? If so, don’t we have the responsibility to stop this archaic practice?

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